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12 Simple Steps to Help with Diabetes

When you have diabetes, proper nutrition is a must. A failure to stick to a proper nutritional plan can result in a slew of complications and even death. If you have diabetes and are seeking some tips on the subject, keep reading the article below.

Water has no sugar so it won’t really affect your blood sugar at all, except that drinking a lot of it might actually help you to regulate it. So make sure that you’re constantly drinking water if you’re a diabetic.

You do still need sugar if you have diabetes, you just have to watch what type of sugar you’re ingesting. Eating fresh vegetables with a relatively low sugar content will help you to regulate your body’s blood sugar levels for the entire day.

You should carb load in the mornings, but you still have to be careful here. You don’t want to eat a bunch of junk food. You should be ingesting only whole grains and vegetables and slow-burning, complex carbohydrates to make sure that your body’s getting what it needs to function properly.

Oats are really a diabetes-friendly food for a bunch of reasons; however, there are some oats you should avoid. Those little packets of flavored oatmeal are bad news! You don’t want all the sugar contained within those packs. Stick with the real stuff.

Cinnamon SticksCinnamon has medicinal qualities that can help with your diabetes by controlling blood sugar spikes. Eating cinnamon can help you to keep steady levels throughout the day. Putting some cinnamon on some low-sugar applesauce or on your oats is a great idea.

Vinegar is another “super food” when dealing with diabetes. Now, you want to watch what you’re putting the vinegar in. You want to avoid dumping it into anything that contains sugars. Your best bet is to just down a couple of tablespoons in the morning.

Dairy is good for people with diabetes, but you still want to watch your fat intake. A healthy weight can help you manage your blood glucose levels, so stick with low or non-fat dairy products like milk and yogurt. Try to avoid ice cream and such.

If you’re going to eat grains at all, make sure you’re ingesting only whole grains. Those processed grains will break down too quickly in your blood stream and will cause spikes and crashes with your sugar levels.

Fruits might seem like they’re healthy, but they’re all loaded down with tons of sugars. It’s best if you just give up on the fruit if you have diabetes. If you’re craving some, remember to eat it in moderation. And give up on the fruit juice entirely.

Fish instead of red meat will promote a healthier lifestyle. The omega-3 fatty acids and reduced cholesterol are great benefits of eating fish. Just remember that you also need to cook it properly. Steaming or grilling is better than frying.

You might run into a few meat cravings every now and then. If you do, remember to try some beans instead. They have a meaty texture, plenty of fiber, and they contain slow-burning carbs that are good for you.

You should be getting plenty of fiber in your diet, especially if you’re a diabetic. An OTC supplement will work great, just make sure it’s all natural.

There are many different ways you can control your diabetes with the proper diet. Use the tips provided to you in the above article if you want to get control of your condition. Proper nutrition makes everything better.