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Add Fitness To More Areas Of Your Life

Becoming physically fit is more than just signing up at a gym, it’s about approaching everything with a healthier philosophy! Consider the following ways you can turn an otherwise ordinary moment or activity into a fitness opportunity!

1. Television watching. It’s all too easy to become totally absorbed in a show and just sit there staring, perhaps even munching away. It’s a form of winding-down and relaxing that many people have turned into a complete lifestyle, and it’s costing them! Get up every time the commercials run and do a few lunges, jumping jacks or push-ups. Lay flat on the sofa and do leg-lifts during the show too. You won’t even realize you’re exercising!

2. The parking lot. Leave your car as far away from the entrance of the store or dry-cleaners, etc. and make a healthy walk out of it. Got a couple of grocery bags to haul to the trunk? Gently lift them up to higher than waist level repeatedly, until you reach the car. Like magic, a simple errand turns into a mini-workout!

3. How far is your destination? If it’s around a mile or so, leave the car at home! You could just as easily walk to the store, or wherever you happen to be going. If you have a bike, use that if your destination is a couple of miles away and you’ve just gotten in a really good workout for the day! Not to mention easing tension with a relaxing, perhaps even scenic ride or walk. Be sure and factor in the extra time you will need, so you’re not late for anything.

4. Brushing your teeth or waiting for water to boil. So long as you use common sense and avoid knocking a pan off the stove or bumping your head on the bathroom sink, these are times to take advantage of! Squat as you brush your teeth and hold the position–you’ll probably end up spending more time brushing too, which is what dentists recommend! While keeping an eye on anything cooking, move near to the sink (or other safe place) and get a few lunges in. If you cook only three times a week, that’s approximately 14 extra hours of exercise in a year!

5. A moment to spare? Turn it into a muscle-strengthening moment: do toe raises or leg extensions if you’ve been put on hold, flex and hold any muscle group while you are checking your email, waiting for the speaker at a meeting or stuck in the back seat of a taxi during rush hour. There are literally endless opportunities throughout your day to keep the fitness philosophy rocking and your body in motion.

Adopting the fitness philosophy means you look at everything a little differently, and utilize the time you’ve got in the day to become that much stronger and healthier. Try these tips out at any point in your day, like waiting in an elevator, at a restaurant or for your boss to give you your next assignment. Every bit helps and it all adds up to a better you!