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Addressing Depression Symptoms in Order to Get Better Nutrition

Depression is frequently accompanied with disruptions in usual eating or with unhealthy changes in diet. Consider whether taking steps to relieve your feelings of depression can also help you choose foods for better nutrition.

Determine whether your depression is being caused by an organic problem or illness by visiting with your physician for a physical. While much depression is not caused by physical ailments, there are times when depression has organic causes such as certain neurological disorders or as a side effect from certain medications.

Don’t plan on eating your way out of depression by adding a specific supplement or food because the bulk of scientific research and evidence indicates that the only vitamin deficiency that directly contributes to depression is vitamin B12.

Controlling your eating by choosing nutritious foods can help you reestablish control over your life which is a frequent reason for feelings of depression. Taking action to choose and prepare nutritious foods can be the beginning of counteracting the lethargy that is often a part of feeling depressed.

If you’re seeking to get out more to address feelings of isolation or loneliness that frequently accompany and cause feelings of depression, consider more frequent trips to the grocery store to shop for nutritious ingredients for your meals. Frequent trips to the grocery store can provide you with scheduled outings that will also support better nutrition. Consider responding to store personnel when they ask you how you are by including an inquiry as to how they’re doing.

If you decide to explore new ideas and ways of thinking to help relieve symptoms of depression, consider visiting with a dietitian. Many health insurance plans have a few sessions with a dietitian as part of the services your premium pay for.

Consider inviting someone over for lunch or dinner and choosing foods and recipes that are nutritious and interesting. If you do not feel energetic enough to prepare several dishes, focus on a single new vegetable recipe and stick with familiar recipes for other parts of your meal. Invite your meal partner to contribute their input about preferred foods for healthy nutrition.

Practice reintroducing socializing into your life by looking around your area for new restaurants that advertise healthy and nutritious food and inviting someone to go out to eat with you. If you don’t feel like inviting someone out to eat with you, consider trying a new coffee shop or lunch place where you’re likely to feel less self-conscious about eating alone.

If you feel depressed because of a lack of scheduling in your day due to retirement or loss of a spouse, consider incorporating the library or a bookstore into a weekly or biweekly destination where you can go and read about healthy diet and nutrition in a place outside your home. Avoid sitting in front of your computer which can promote further isolation and interfere with healthy sleep habits.

Treating your depression can promote your overall health by incorporating new activities around nutrition. Use the suggestions above to address your feelings of depression and open new possibilities for nutritious eating.

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