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Great Ideas To Add Another Level To Your Workouts

When you have a set workout routine, it’s sometimes easy to fall into a rut when it comes to pushing yourself to the next level. If you feel like you’re at that spot, try some of the ideas below. They will help you break through that fitness barrier and get you challenging yourself once again.

If you’re a walker or a runner, add interval training into your workout. For instance, walk at your maximum possible pace for two minutes, then slow down to your normal speed for a minute. Then repeat the process. These intervals will challenge your heart to pump your blood just a little faster and push your body into a new gear. You can base your intervals, as mentioned, on time or at certain mile points. The choice is up to you. Many of today’s walking/running GPS-based tracking gadgets allow for interval training. Some will even give you audio feedback so that you don’t need to be manually calculating when that next interval hits.

Add five to ten minutes to your normal workout routine. You may have a set schedule for your workouts based off of home or work responsibilities, but even this minor bump in workout time can jump-start your workouts once again. Your body has gotten used to your speed, normal distance and amount of time exercised. It’s important to disrupt the pattern. Try starting your exercises five minutes earlier than usual and/or tacking on five minutes at the end. It can help bring the challenge back.

Mix around your workout order. If you normally stretch, do a twenty minute walk and follow it up with some bicep curls and push-ups, swap some of those exercises around. Maybe do the arm-based exercises first. Again, it’s breaking up the routine that’s important here. When the routine is broken up, you activate your mind and body to react in a different way which stimulates your muscles differently.

Keep your watches and clocks at home. Knowing your time can be the kiss of death to pushing yourself to new levels. When your normal end time hits and you know it, you’ll be very tempted to just pack it in for the day. But if you have only your body to judge the time and its current state for additional exercise, then you can open the doors to smashing through your previous limits. You may find that your exercise time increases quite a bit, and your body will thank you for it.

Put some great music on to inspire you. Music is an amazing catalyst to help keep the body moving. Listening to songs that you love, especially ones that also make you want to move, can keep you active for long past your normal exercise period.

Even if you have a set time to be active or you only enjoy certain types of exercise, you can push yourself out of any current rut you may be in. Begin with these ideas. Push yourself, and you’ll see big improvements in your overall health and well-being.

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