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At Home Workout Tips That Work

There is really no need to leave your home, sit through traffic and wait in lines at the gym for the equipment. You can get in a great workout in the comfort of your own home. Use the tips below to begin getting fit in the privacy of your own home in your spare time.

Before you begin any workout, be sure to stretch every muscle. Doing proper stretches prior to exercise will help reduce the chances of suffering an injury. It will also help you to increase your flexibility. If you are unsure of how to properly stretch your muscles prior to working out, look online for a quality guide. Look for one that describes the stretches in detail, so you can get a better idea of how to do them correctly.

Start your day out with a cardio workout. Get your heart pumping the blood through your body and you will feel great for the rest of the day. When you increase your heart rate, you help your body release the built-up toxins and produce serotonin which can give you a boost of energy and happy feelings. A brisk walk or jog is a great cardio workout. If you do not have good joints, consider a swim or a ride on a bike as your form of cardio workout.

Curls, push-ups and pull-ups are great exercises to work out your upper body. If you do not have any weights around your house, use canned foods or bottles of liquids as weights. Do as many reps as you can each day, keep track and watch as your strength increases over time.

Jumping jacks, lunges and squats are wonderful exercises for a lower body workout. These, too, can be done without any weights. If you want to increase the intensity of the squats and lunges, you can do them as you hold the cans or bottles you used for your curls as weights. Just as the upper body workouts, keep track of your progress.

Reverse crunches, crunches and leg raises will work out your abs efficiently. As with the upper and lower body workouts, you can add intensity to these exercises by using your “weights” as you do the crunches. Also track your progress with these exercises as well.

After you have completed your workout, be sure that you perform the same stretches that you did before you exercised. You need to give your muscles a good stretch to keep them from becoming stiff and sore after you have completed the workout.

Keep your body hydrated. Drink water as you are working out and for the rest of the day. Your body needs water to stay healthy whether you are working out or not.

You now have a good idea of how you can get in a great workout in your home. Now, you have no excuses as to why you were not able to get in a workout any day. It only takes a little of your time each day to get results and maintain a healthy body.

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