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Avoid Fitness Fads

Much like when you’re dieting, when you’re exercising you’re always on the lookout for the newest way to look good and feel good fast. Use the tips below to avoid exercise fads that make claims to be a way to avoid exercise and achieve its benefits.

Look at what else is involved when you’re promised the positive results of exercise without the work of exercise. Most exercise that promises immediate results also involves things like ridiculously low-calorie diets or unhealthy diets that cannot be sustained over time without a negative impact on your health.

Don’t let the lure of the 15-minute workout replace your commitment to exercising for two-and-a-half or more hours a week. While many of these workouts can produce muscle toning, the cardio benefits of a 15-minute workout as opposed to traditional cardio exercise would likely take an ability to achieve an intensity that few people could achieve and sustain.

Supplements that promise fat burning or weight loss results need extensive research because many of them can cause harm. The supplement industry remains an under-regulated industry that sells a variety of products that are deemed ineffective or potentially dangerous. Carefully research any supplement you are considering using in conjunction with your exercise efforts.

Distinguish between short-term and long-term commitments to exercise. If you want to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle as part of healthy living avoid suggestions that promise fast results which are targeted for people who want to lose weight for a specific purpose, such as looking good for their weddings, rather than to pursue a healthier lifestyle. If you’re attracted to these “new” ideas you should know that you probably will stop exercising before you incorporate exercise into your life as a permanent healthy-living choice.

You will not be able to eat whatever you want and still lose weight simply because you exercise. Weight loss is a function of using more calories than you take in and that’s all it’s a function of. Closely examine how many calories specific exercises actually use and you’ll realize that your exercise routine would have to take up most of your day at a pretty high intensity to be able to accommodate you eating what you want. More often eat what you want diets control calories by portion size which is not such a new idea after all.

Avoid the newest fad that promises that you’ll achieve topnotch exercise performance by consuming coconuts and coconut products. The trendiness of coconut and coconut products is just starting to be examined by reputable healthcare professionals and as expected, it’s probably going to be a passing fad because in addition to no definitive scientifically based results that you will magically lose weight or improve exercise performance, the known fact that coconut oil contains more saturated fat than butter is likely to bring about a quick end to this fad.

Your best approach to exercise is to avoid fitness fads and stick with a commitment to effective exercising for suggested times during the week. Consider some fads described above and use suggestions for incorporating sustainable healthy changes into your lifestyle.