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Six Things To Avoid As You Keep Working Toward Fitness

Six Things To Avoid As You Keep Working Toward Fitness

Learning to be a fit and healthy person takes a lot of diligence and dedication. There are temptations all around you and if you don’t approach them with caution, you could be shooting yourself in the fitness foot! Consider the following scenarios to keep you on the fitness level and reinforcing your own good habits.

1. Your vehicle. Eating on the go can really cost you in terms of calories. You make poor, split-second decisions which you pay for later. Eating in your car, most especially items you bought at a drive-thru or convenience store are generally packed with fats, sodium and other bad-for-you ingredients that mean you either pick up the pace at the gym, or pack on the pounds.

2. Hard at work. It’s very difficult to be hungry, but often times it’s difficult to take a break at work. Deadlines, meetings, urgent client situations and other pressing issues keep us from being able to make healthy eating choices. To combat this problem, have ready-to-eat snacks in your desk drawer or briefcase. Things like almonds or banana chips are high in nutrients and will hold you over until you can eat a square meal.

3. Out on the town. Restaurants, ballparks and movie theaters are overflowing with tempting deviations to your fitness-conscious diet. Not only are they often one-of-a-kind items you can’t readily find else where, like hot-buttered gourmet popcorn or specialty, New York style hotdogs but the atmosphere is very conducive to tantalizing you right off the healthy menu you have dedicated yourself to! Bring your own munchies, or avoid dining and entertainment venues that steer you too far off course.

4. At a friend’s house. Most people aren’t really living the fitness-oriented lifestyle you are attempting to maintain, and enjoying the company of friends can really put you in a compromising position. Not only is the food deliciously tempting, but you risk offending people you care about by turning down their food! Make a point of letting your host or hostess aware of your restrictions and why. Bring a healthy alternative for dessert, and maybe you will convince your friends to be more geared toward fitness inspired delights.

5. Holidays. In a single day, Americans can counteract months of hard work at the gym. It’s called Thanksgiving. People take advantage of the amazing foods and sedentary festivities of holidays, but soon feel the regret. Don’t be lulled into letting your fitness guard down, no matter what the celebration calls for. It’s also easy to slip-up on holidays and then use that as an excuse to really slack off in the days that follow.

6. Weekends at your house! Of course, you deserve the rest and relaxation that Saturday and Sunday have to offer, but don’t let it become an opportunity for unhealthy foods and habits to take over. Sitting on the sofa watching sports and not regulating your diet can really set you back from the hard efforts you’ve put into fitness all week long. Get plenty of recuperation time in without taking too many steps backwards. Even a walk after lunch will keep you active, or you can get a few laps in at the ocean while spending the rest of the day lounging.

Maintaining a high level of fitness is not something that happens easily, you need to keep working at it and remain dedicated to it, no matter what the occasion. Keep the advice of this article in mind the next time you head out for fun or prepare for a lazy weekend; slacking off is just too counterproductive to fitness and you’ve worked too hard to get where you are at!