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Coming Back From a Sports Injury

Suffering an injury while participating in a sport that you love and enjoy can be devastating for anyone. After your body has begun to rebuild itself its time to get back out there and slowly build back up to previous levels, but this must be done under the supervision of a sports doctor to prevent the likelihood of re-injury.

Depending on the location of the injury, the doctor will give you specific exercises to do as part of the overall rehabilitation program. First you want to be sure that the injury heals properly and then you want to prevent the cause of the original injury from occurring again.

Exercise is part of the rehab process, so you need to make sure that your trainer or coach understands your doctor’s plans so that they can coordinate their efforts to support you as you heal and recover.

After the pain at the injured site has subsided enough, the athlete must slowly work at regaining the strength, endurance and coordination of that area.

So, take it slow when coming back from an injury. Make sure that your doctor and trainer or coach are in communication and follow their advice to the letter so that you can quickly get back on track.

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