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How To Begin A Muscle Building Journey

Are you ready to begin muscle building? Are you unsure where to start? Many people want to be bigger or stronger, and it will take a lot more than just lifting a few weights or doing some push-ups. If you are looking to start a muscle building journey, follow the tips listed in this article.

The first thing you should do is decide on goals. What would you like to accomplish? Do you want to be able to do 50 push-ups without stopping? Do you want bigger biceps? Or maybe you want to be able to bench press 300 pounds. No matter what your goals are, the key to success is setting goals. Make sure the goals you set are realistic. If you have never done a push-up before, it will probably take a few months to do 50 in a row. Be honest and realistic when making goals, otherwise you could get frustrated and end up giving up. It is okay to keep your goals in your head, but research has shown that those who write down their goals are much more successful.

Start a journal that records your muscle building journey. The first thing you should write down are your goals. Write down as many as you can think of, and realize that you do not have to work on them all at once, but you want to get them all out there. You might also want to write down all your measurements and your starting weight.

Once you decide on the goals you want to focus on, you need to decide what exercises you will do to get to your goal. Write down these exercises in your journal. You also need to write down how many of each exercise, how many reps you will do and how often. You also need to make sure you have the equipment that you need to perform each exercise.

Motivate yourself to reach your goals. What do you like? What would you work hard for? Maybe you want a new pair of shoes or some new workout clothes. Decide what you want to work for and use this as motivation. It is probably a good idea to write this down in your journal and refer back to it when you lack the drive to continue on.

Keep notes in your journal of your successes and failures. As you reach goals, or do something you are proud of, write it down. If an exercise just is not working for you, write it down. Write down how you feel after a workout. Write down how you feel when you skip a workout. By writing down as much as you can, you can reflect on this information and find out what is working for you.

It can seem like quite a challenge to reach your muscle building goals, but by making a good plan and being prepared, you can do it. Use the tips provided in this article and you will be likely to reach your goals and feel better about yourself.

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