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Best Protein Sources

There are a lot of conflicting sources with different information about what’s most important component in your diet for your health. In particular, there are lots of different sources of information all competing to tell you that their product is the most important; here are some tips for figuring out what’s best for you.

Which cuts of beef have the most fat? Actually, the breed of bovine can actually make a very large difference in the fat content. Very tender breeds, such as Waygu, Kobe, and Angus tend to have more fat content than tougher breeds, such as dairy cows. Prime cuts also have more fat than Choice cuts of the same region, which have more fat than Select cuts. Chuck, Forerib and Brisket tend to have more fat than Round, Shank, and Fillets. The exact fat composition of ground beef tends to be listed on the package, but is not always possible to determine.

Different fat compositions of ground beef are useful for different things. For making a sauce with ground beef, or meatloaf, using lean meat is useful to lower the final fat content of your food, and to prevent yourself from needing to drain the fat multiple times or skimming it off multiple times. However, for items like hamburgers, the more fat the ground beef has, the more juicy the finished product will be. This can make a big difference in your enjoyability.

The estimates of the correct amount of protein in your diet can vary widely. Most people do not need more than between 50 to 80 grams of protein in their diet daily to keep with basic metabolic needs. If you are exercising vigorously, you can generally use about 150 grams of protein a day. However, up to a third of your calories a day can come from protein without any ill effect. Eating too much protein in your diet instead of other basic metabolic sources like carbohydrates or fats can cause your body to break it down for energy, which can lead to a dangerous pH imbalance in your blood, causing it to become too acidic, which can interfere with basic body functions like oxygen balance.

The cheapest, most nutritious protein can vary, but generally speaking, the least expensive combination that will give you a complete protein combining all the amino acids you need is a combination of beans (brown, red, or black) and rice. Another common combination is nixtamalized corn and beans. Although that sounds complicated, the simple combination of a corn tortilla with a bean-based filling will do the trick. These contain lots of fiber, minerals, and vitamins as well as the protein you need. These also have the advantage of taking much longer to spoil and not needing to be refrigerated, which makes them much more convenient.

There are many conflicting sources of information about where you should get your protein and what is best. The cheapest and healthiest source of protein is the combination of rice and beans, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut meat out of your diet – you just have more options for dinner.