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Is Cardio Represented In Your Exercise Schedule?

You might already be exercising on a regular basis, but is cardiovascular activity included? Cardio is really critical in its benefits, ranging from mood boosting endorphins to making your heart stronger. Additionally, it burns fat like nothing else, boosts your overall metabolism and makes resting at night all the better. Read on into the following paragraphs for a number of cardio options you can work in.

Running is often thought of as the first cardio option. There is certainly a simplicity to it, as you can just throw on the running shoes and get going right out the door. However, older and overweight individuals might have knee problems from running. Still, they can get similar exercise using machines like stair climbers, ellipticals and treadmills.

Closely related to running is cycling, where you can cover a lot of ground in furious exercise working primarily your legs. You can do this again either outside in nature or indoors on a machine. The risks to your health are a lot lower, provided you wear a good helmet. It only takes one accident to injure your brain permanently.

If you are really worried about your health, or just find that running and cycling are out of reach right now, nothing beats walking. As long as you walk at a brisk enough pace to make holding a conversation difficult but not impossible, then you are breathing hard enough for it to count as effective cardio exercise.

Boot camp classes are a possibility if you want something intense and in a structured environment. These can be done either after work or in week long intensives while you take a week off or more from work.

Aerobics may have been seemingly more popular in the Eighties, but a local gym near to you is sure to still have classes. If you enjoy moving around a lot with others, also consider taking dance lessons at a local studio.

Cardio exercise is often thought of anything that is fast and makes you sweat a lot. Swimming is not likely to make you sweat, since you are immersed in water and already cool. However, when you swim at the right pace, you can still give your heart a pretty good workout.

Hiking is not available in all areas, but if there are good trails around, try them out. Any hike that takes you up an incline is a lot harder walking than covering the same distance on flat ground and does prove to be efficient cardio. Climbing a trail to discover a great view on top is a breathtaking moment in itself. It only gets better when endorphins kick in.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options to consider when it comes to getting cardio into your fitness regimen. So long as your heart rate climbs and stays elevated for a period of time, you are doing good cardio. Check with your doctor to determine what your target cardio heart rate should be, as well as how is too much.

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