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Don’t Gain Weight While Building Muscle

In the effort to tone up, you should not sacrifice weight loss goals. Keep in mind the following tips when you begin strength training to avoid weight gain.

When you start strength training you should not see weight gain if your workouts include resistance training such as weights for strength. Muscle building would take significant time and focus on particular groups and even then would not be likely to add weight for a significant period of time.

Make sure you continue to count calories. Although different areas of expertise, the overlap of diet and exercise often make sifting through research material and advice difficult when trying to determine how and what to eat to maintain good health and maximize your body’s ability to exercise. It is very important to remember that you have to use more calories than you consume to lose weight.

Use accurate research about your size and the duration and intensity of your workout to determine whether your exercise routine needs you to consume additional calories to remain healthy. Many workouts do not significantly drain the body of enough calories to justify a significant increase in food and beverage. During the excitement of getting in shape, many individuals also become concerned about their diets. This is a good thing but should neither replace exercise as your focus nor contribute to consuming more calories than necessary. If your workout goals include losing weight you should resist the temptation to eat more because you worked out on a given day and you’re feeling hungry.

You will likely drink more of your preferred beverages such as water when you work out to maintain hydration. Increases in water can contribute to weighing in a pound or two heavier over different days.

Increased exercise can also make you feel hungrier. Do not undo your workout efforts by eating more because you’re exercising. To adjust your eating to your new exercise routine, you can substitute in different snacks a couple of hours before a workout or after a workout as long as you reduce other meals to accommodate the increased caloric intake.

If you feel tired after your workouts and find that you do less housework or gardening or walking around on the days you workout, consider that you might actually end up gaining weight because while you’re using more calories during exercise, you are moving around less in general. Instead, if you are tired from your workouts, focus on maintaining your workouts and achieving the same level of activity you had for the rest of your day before you incorporated an exercise routine into your life.

Be aware that when you are strength building to produce muscle you are using fewer calories than you do when you’re engaging in cardio exercises such as running. For weight loss, strength building is always recommended as part of an exercise routine that also includes cardio.

Your ability to lose weight can be impacted by the choices you make even after you start exercising and building muscle. Use the tips above to avoid weight gain when you include strength training in your workouts.

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