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How to Eat Right for Low Cholesterol

If you eat healthy, you can lower your bad cholesterol a great deal while keeping your good cholesterol at a healthy level. Just like there are foods that increase your bad cholesterol, there are some that help to lower it as well. Read this article to learn what you can do by changing your diet to lower your cholesterol.

Nuts are a great food to begin eating a lot of if you are trying to increase your good cholesterol levels. Nuts are full of the good fats that work to eliminate bad cholesterol from your blood, and also contain the good cholesterol that your body needs. Nuts are also good for getting in the protein you need without all the bad fats that come with most meats.

One of the best ways to lower your cholesterol is to add garlic to your diet. Adding garlic powder is not going to cut it, as it is mixed with a high amount of salt. What you need are the actual garlic cloves. Doctors recommend toasting it in the oven and then eating it folded inside a piece of bread. If this taste is too strong for you and prevents you from eating it, you can also be creative and add it to meals you would have already eaten. For example, you can crush the clove and then add it to your favorite marinara sauce after it is on your plate. Even if you mix it with margarine that is cholesterol free, that is better than not getting the garlic at all.

Drinking alcohol is commonly thought of as being bad for your health, but this is only true if you drink it in excess. Having one glass of red wine each night with dinner or following dinner has been shown to be very good for a healthy heart. It contains antioxidants that help to remove bad cholesterol from your blood. They also help your body to retain the right amount of good cholesterol. It is important to remember, though, that having more than two glasses of red wine per night will actually cause more harm than good, so stick to the rule of one glass per night for optimal health benefits.

Whole grains are crucial for having healthy cholesterol levels. When grocery shopping, you may have noticed that there are numerous products that have heart labels on the box. This symbol is to inform you that the food is good for your heart. A couple of popular products include whole grain oatmeal and various cereals. Whole grains work in conjunction with other healthy foods to improve your overall health and should be eaten instead of the white flour-based breads and other products that are currently available in your grocery store.

Now that you have read this article, you surely have learned something about what foods will help you lower your bad cholesterol levels. There are many more options out there, and you can find information about them in many places. Put these tips to use to get closer to your goals in regards to your good and bad cholesterol levels.

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