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Eating at Work: A Balance Between Convenience and Nutrition

Have you decided to stop the cycle of unhealthy eating, opting instead for a healthier diet? This is a good choice to make, and one that will benefit your life now and into the future. However, if you have a job outside the home, finding a balance between nutritious meals and convenience can be a difficult nut to crack! Here are some tips that will help you to eat well without missing out on the office action.

It is nearly impossible to avoid social eating on the job. Who wants to stay in the office with a bag of carrots and a tuna sandwich, while co-workers hurry to the nearest restaurant or bring in high-calorie take-out? However, these days, it is easy to find a delicious salad in any restaurant, full of lean chicken, veggies and a low-fat dressing. Chicken and fish dishes are also good choices, just hold the butter and ask for a side of roasted vegetables. Many restaurants even provide take-out menus so you can choose in advance and look for any healthy choices they may offer.

There are also benefits to brown-bagging your lunch. It allows you to be in control of what you eat so that you can avoid hidden ingredients that restaurants use such as mayonnaise. Try creating a delicious lunch with a low-carb wrap. Fill it up with lean chicken, low-fat cheese and all the veggies you can fit in. Instead of mayo, try some horseradish or mustard for some zip. You can even find 100-calorie packages of cookies and crackers for a mid-morning snack. This meal won’t leave you feeling deprived!

If you prefer avoiding one large meal at work, consider several smaller snacks to get your nutrients in. Pack several baggies with fresh vegetables, fruit, crackers with low-fat cheese or salsa, and some low-fat string cheese. Extra protein will fill you up and keep you energized throughout the day!

What if everyone is heading off to a local fast-food restaurant for an informal meeting or birthday celebration, and you don’t want to miss out? Your choices are: blow your nutrition plan and eat a high-fat burger and fries, or stick to your guns and opt for a salad or a grilled chicken burger without the mayo. Ask for extra lettuce, onion and tomato for some crunch, and see if the restaurant offers substitute side-dishes, such as fruit or yogurt.

A great way to keep on track when you are trying to eat right is to look for someone else in the office or workplace who has the same goals as you. Getting support from a friend and offering support in return can really keep you motivated and excited about your new, healthier lifestyle. You could even plan lunch-time walks and try to get others on board as well. You will be surprised at how many people are probably looking for ways to improve their health just like you are!

It is easy to create healthy, nutritious meals at home, but it’s not as simple when you are at work. However, with some advance planning, creativity and the right motivation, you can eat well on the job without ever feeling deprived. Use the tips you have found here to see how rewarding a healthier, more nutritious diet can be!