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Empower Your Exercise With The Right Eating

When you are in the middle of a good fitness routine, you need to eat the proper foods and snacks at the appropriate times. Doing this means that your body is functioning at peak efficiency to burn fat, use calories, bulk up and repair itself. Make certain you know some guidelines about exercise eating, and if you need some knowledge in this area, keep reading into the following paragraphs.

Before you exercise, you need to know how long before working out you can eat your final food. This varies. A good rule of thumb is up to two hours for a full meal, but maybe only twenty minutes for a snack. An exception might by walking, which done shortly after a full meal can be quite relaxing and help with digestion. Typically though, exercising hard less than two hours after a full meal can mess up digestion, whereas small snacks need twenty minutes to burn into fuel you can use on a workout.

Pre-workout snacks are typically not big on protein, which digests slowly, but more likely carbs. Some research even shows that sugary snacks and even caffeinated beverages can help accelerate a workout intensity, although this is somewhat contested and certainly not conventional wisdom nor widely accepted. When in doubt, go natural. A nice organic apple or banana is perfectly healthy and a nice little pop of energy that is easy to digest and quick to burn off.

After your workout, you do not want to wait too long before eating. Your body is going to need replenishing to both get your metabolism back into order and to repair itself. Eating after a workout is essential if you are looking to increase your muscle mass, as waiting too long will make the body turn to itself for fuel and start cannibalizing protein for energy instead of tissue production.

Good post-workout foods are going to be high in protein but low in calories. Aim for lean meats like turkey, ham and chicken. Nuts, seeds and seafood can also make good choices. Some carbs will be needed. You want your body to build itself up using the protein, so have some carbs for energy.

In general, you should avoid eating when working out. For long sessions, an occasional protein bar or piece of fruit will be okay. However, the more energy your body expends on digestion is the less energy you have to exercise.

You might wonder how much water you should drink before and after your workout, as well as during it. The answer is plenty, plus some. You need to be able to sweat to cool down, as well as purify your system.

When you consume the proper foods at the appropriate times, you can fuel your physique to a new level of exercise intensity. Keep all the ideas from this article in mind, and you can make sure that your fitness regimen has a new level of energy. Newly discovered results will follow soon after. Enjoy!

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