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Exercise Critical Thinking To Avoid Diet And Exercise Fads

Whether you’re dieting or exercising, you are bound to run across the latest and greatest fads every day. These ideas are all the rage when they hit the market, and many people jump on the bandwagon to spend their hard-earned cash for the most recent miracle. Do any of them work? Some may have some positive effects, but overall, most are to be avoided. Read on to learn how you can exercise critical thinking to avoid diet and exercise fads.

Most of these fads put their big promise out front, but you must always be certain to look at all the details. For example, does that super-easy fitness machine really cause you to lose pounds and shed inches while apparently doing nothing harder than watching TV? Probably not. It’s probably the 500 calorie a day diet that’s included with the instructions that does that! You’re far better off saving your money and sticking with moderate exercise and a healthy way of eating.

Can you really get completely fit with just eight minutes of intensive exercise a day? No, you can’t. To maintain a moderate fitness level, you need at least half an hour a day of moderate to intense exercise. You might add that eight minute exercise routine to a daily walk, bike ride or swim and get good results, but doing any one form of exercise for a short period of time each day will not do much for your fitness level.

Is that super-food berry really the miracle that will burn off fat, drop years from your appearance and improve your overall health with little or no effort from you? This is highly unlikely. Again, it is probably the information in the instruction booklet that comes with the product that will have an effect, assuming that it’s valid information. Consuming one type of food that’s supposed to counteract junk food and bad habits is simply not possible. You are far better off eating a normal, natural, healthful diet and getting a reasonable amount of moderate daily exercise.

Fad diet and exercise schemes all have one thing in common – they prey upon the need for immediate gratification. The person selling the scheme wants to get rich quick, and the person buying it wants to get healthy quick. It is doubtful that either party will end up satisfied. Getting rich and getting healthy are both almost always the result of hard work and dedication, careful planning and wise choices. It is far wiser and more effective to establish daily habits so that you can be healthy in the long term rather than shelling out a bunch of money in hopes of getting healthy in the short-term.

The fact of the matter is, to be healthy you should eat wholesome, nutritious foods, stay hydrated with pure, filtered water, sleep for eight hours each night and get a good amount of fresh air, sunshine and exercise every day. You should avoid smoking and drinking and eating junk food. You should do these things on a regular, ongoing basis throughout your life. These are the tried-and-true methods for losing weight, being healthy and looking and feeling your very best!

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