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Finding Time to Exercise With a Full Time Job

Finding time to exercise while working a full time job can be more than a little challenging. Some days it can feel like you barely have time to breathe, let alone exercise. The good news is that no matter how impossible it seems, with a bit of creative planning and a strong personal commitment, you can most likely whittle out some time in your day for a workout. The payoff for your efforts will be a clearer mind, stronger body and improved health. Try using the following tips to make exercise a priority in your busy life.

Begin by examining your schedule to look for areas where you currently waste time. Do you sit on the couch and watch TV when you get home from work? Could you set your alarm a bit earlier in the morning? Is there time to fit a quick workout in on your lunch break? Keep in mind that it doesn’t take a huge time commitment to see dramatic results. Also, if necessary, you can break your workout into two different sessions. For example, if your goal is to exercise for an hour a day, you can work out for 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 at night and still get the same benefit as if you had exercised for a solid hour.

Next, once you have determined which bits and pieces of time you have available, you need to write them in your schedule. Make a notation on your calendar or in your daily planner showing precisely when you plan to exercise. By treating your workout time just like you would an important meeting or event, you are less likely to skip it or schedule something else instead.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do a full blown workout to increase your daily exercise. Instead, you can focus on increasing your overall activity level by making simple lifestyle changes. Try parking further from work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even performing isometric exercises at your desk. These simple actions can dramatically boost your daily calorie burn while at the same time helping you to build muscle. For the most impact, try turning exercise into a game. See how many ways you can find to be more active throughout your work day. Challenge yourself to be as creative as possible and see what brilliant ideas you come up with to burn more calories each day.

Finally, consider finding a co-worker to exercise with. Having someone at the office that you can hit the gym with on your lunch break or after work can help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

Finding time to work out when you have a full time job can seem like an impossible task. However, when you approach it creatively you can usually find space in your schedule to fit in a daily workout. Just remember that if you are truly committed to getting in shape, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your fitness goals.