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Replacing Fear with Desire to Achieve Better Nutrition

Nobody likes being scolded yet in this society your unhealthy habits often evoke scolding, threats and in some case laws to try to modify your behavior. Use the suggestions below to replace fear with wish when you’re trying to motivate yourself to achieve better nutrition.

Consider whether you’re modifying your eating habits because of a specific event such as a doctor’s visit or illness. Instead of using a health scare as a permanent motivator use it as an opportunity to try and eat differently by learning about the changes being advised for your best health. Knowledge is a great way to reduce fear and you’ll soon find that there’s rampant disagreement among different healthcare professionals about ways to achieve nutritional goals.

Approach better nutrition as an experiment and see whether you feel better when you substitute broccoli or string beans for fries with your meal. Feeling good is a great motivator. If you like the way you feel consider looking up the benefits of eating a variety of vegetables and decide on some favorites to serve with meals.

Don’t eat a food because you know it’s healthy if you don’t like it. If you don’t like milk but are told to increase your calcium you can buy calcium fortified orange juice or eat vegetables that provide calcium such as broccoli.

Don’t tell yourself if you don’t eat specific amounts of specific foods every day you will die because it’s likely not true and you know it so you’ll ignore the advice. If you have a specific disease that needs management you will likely go off your prescribed diet once in awhile. While the inclusion of less recommended foods may have the consequence of causing you to feel unwell or will need some medication or treatment, the single ill-advised choice will likely not make you die.

If healthcare workers make threats that if you don’t do or not do something then you won’t have access to a service or care, report the healthcare worker to your insurance company and seek another healthcare worker. While refusing care is an option for healthcare workers, you can help others be less exposed to threats by professionals by publicizing the healthcare provider’s approach.

Establish a realistic approach to nutrition that focuses on quality of life rather than extension of life. While good nutrition can extend life barring any other number of catastrophes, mostly nutrition and exercise can improve your current quality of life. Proper nutrition can make you better able to move and function and in some cases even think more clearly and feel happier.

Don’t be afraid of talking about nutrition with others even if your nutrition and diet are not yet where you’d like them to be. Knowing and doing are always different in some respect in all people and healthcare is no exception. There are overweight dietitians and physicians who drink or smoke.

Fear is frequently not a great motivator in achieving sustainable positive changes in choosing foods to maximize proper nutrition. Use the suggestions above to establish positive reasons for establishing a diet that will meet nutritional needs.

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