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Finding Time to Stay in Shape When you Work Fulltime

Finding Time to Stay in Shape When you Work Fulltime

It can be hard to stay in shape when you work a full time job. After all, the idea of the 40 hour work week is a myth; these days, a 60 hour work week is not uncommon — if not an 80 hour week. The good news is that you’re not the only one trying to solve this problem. Read the tips that follow and see if they will work for you.

Plan your workouts into your schedule, just like you do all your other important engagements. Conference calls, planning meetings, date nights with your spouse, and your children’s soccer practices all go into your planner, so your workouts should as well. This will keep you focused so that you get that workout in as well. Treat being on time for workouts just like being on time for work.

Even if it’s just a CLIF bar or a banana and peanut butter, eat something before you head to the gym in the morning. A quick breakfast will make the difference between a solid workout and a mid-morning crash — or a bonk during your workout that keeps you from finishing. You need that metabolic boost that a quick breakfast will bring you.

If you live close enough to your office, consider hopping on your bike to go to work. That way you’ll have a metabolic boost before you head in to work, you’ll be saving money on gasoline, and you’ll have a little of your exercise done for the day. Of course, this won’t work if you need to wear a suit for what’s going on for the day — unless your office has facilities for you to shower and get ready there. In any event, if this works for you, you’ll be commuting and exercising at the same time.

If you eat lunch out, you won’t make healthy choices, as likely as not. You’ve been working all morning, and you want to give yourself a break. So you’ll order some fries, or even some dessert, to help you get through that annoying meeting in the afternoon (or recover from the frazzling sales session in the morning). Bring your lunch to work and eat it there. Make sure that your lunch has healthy choices.

People who have sedentary lifestyles fall out of shape even more quickly than others. At least once an hour, stretch and move around the office. Take a quick walk around the office and come back. Go outside and walk around the block if your break is long enough. Then you can return to your task, somewhat refreshed, with your heart pumping again.

No lunch meeting today? Bring your gym bag and head to the gym during lunch. While everyone else is stocking up on carbs, you’re burning them and getting your workout done so you won’t have to head out for that six-mile run after your daughter’s dance recital, your son’s homework, and the long ritual of bedtime.

Just because you work doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Try these tips to stay fit and successful.

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