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Creating A Fit And Healthy Philosophy

Getting into shape involves far more than a few push-ups and a run around the block. It’s really a matter of incorporating a healthy philosophy into every aspect of your life. A fitness philosophy transcends the little cardboard boxed meals that might help you drop a few quick pounds and the cute outfits you can buy for the gym. Read on to learn more.

Begin with your outlook. Any kind of negative “I just can’t do this” mindset will guarantee your failure; understand that these healthy changes are necessary for a better, longer life and that you are more than capable of achieving them. A healthy philosophy will have you seeing everything differently, from a box of chocolates on your coworker’s desk to the stairs you can take instead of the elevator. Let it seep in and take over.

Be realistic. No matter how motivated and dedicated you are, don’t expect miraculous results in 5-7 days! Set achievable goals for yourself and take every individual step necessary to get there. Each new challenge will get you stronger and keep you moving in the right direction. You are adopting a whole new way of life, not a temporary fad or a simple means of fitting into your favorite pair of jeans from high school.

Start a journal. Use this to track your progress and reach for your goals. Let it be a way of reminding you what works and what doesn’t. Jot down your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Repeat those entries every day until you conquer them. A journal is a great way to successfully coach yourself into a strong and sustainable fitness philosophy.

Eat better without torturing yourself. Keep trying healthy foods until you find some you really enjoy. Don’t force something down just because it’s good for you or you will risk turning yourself off to the whole process. Living on bean sprouts and tofu may work for some, but most people enjoy a variety of foods, prepared in a variety of ways, so read a few cookbooks and exercise your right to enjoy really delicious foods that are also good for you.

Prioritize. Once you get into the swing of a healthy philosophy, you will find new activities taking precedence over old ones. Set your priorities of exercise, healthy eating through smart and selective shopping and less stress in your life, then work everything else around these new prioritize. It takes a little juggling to rearrange your life, so be patient with yourself and committed to the process.

Make new friends. Sadly, not everyone in your life will be on the same page as you in terms of a healthy philosophy. Rather than risk being negatively influenced by their bad habits, make new friends you can relate to! Birds of a feather will keep each other on a healthier track and make this new way of life much more enjoyable and rewarding. If you are surrounded by couch potatoes, just get out and meet new people who subscribe to the same improved ways as you do.

Stay on track. Once you have thoroughly incorporated a healthy philosophy, it will take on a life of its own and keep you doing the right things for yourself. A fantastic exercise routine, irresistible entrees made from all the right ingredients, a new way of channeling out toxic stress and so on. Remain committed to these things that change your life in a very positive, refreshing and self-perpetuating way.

Of course, it’s tough at first. Changing your mindset as well as your habits will take some self-discipline on your part, but once you get into the routine, you will wonder how you ever got by on fast food and sitcom reruns! Start incorporating a healthy philosophy into various aspects of your life soon, and see where it takes you!

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