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Keeping Fit Without The Gym

Most people want to be healthy and stay fit, but they find that they can’t afford costly memberships to their local exercise club or gym. Fortunately, there are many options to reach your fitness goal without getting in the car and driving to the gym. Use the tips below to create an individual exercise routine to fit your needs right at home.

The right mental outlook is important to your overall fitness goal no matter what routine you decide is right for you. Making a commitment to regular exercise is truly the most important step you can take. Picture yourself as a healthy and energetic person, and make the decision to stick with the plan you create.

Involving others in your commitment to fitness provides the support that can make a big difference in the success of your plan to get in shape. Asking your family to join you in exercising regularly at home can be a powerful motivator to help you stay with your routine on those days when you can’t seem to get yourself going.

Decide on a realistic fitness goal and put it in writing. Post your goal on the refrigerator or another prominent place to keep your commitment fresh and focused. Make your goal specific. Deciding to exercise for 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a more powerful goal than just stating that you will exercise more frequently.

Keep in mind that there are occasionally things that keep you from meeting your goal. It is important to stay committed and get right back to work even if you have had a reason to stray off track from time to time.

A good program of cardio exercise lends itself perfectly to a home exercise program because of the thousands of DVDs featuring effective workouts available on the market today. There are many DVD options which include everything from low impact walking workouts to the comprehensive extreme programs. You can have a professional cardio workout at your finger tips, to use any time you like.

There are many great exercises that you can do alone right on your living room carpet. Leg raises, crunches and practicing yoga positions are all ideal for your in-home workout.
If you prefer, you can invite family or friends to join you and enjoy the advantages of cheering each other on to keep your motivation high.

Strength training exercises are also easily incorporated into a home exercise program. Purchase a set of hand weights to have ready any time you have a few minute to work your muscles. You can even use them to do sets as you watch TV!

When the weather is good, try to plan for a regular walk or jog in the fresh air. If you can’t easily walk in your own neighborhood, visiting a local park is another option. Swimming and biking are other great outdoor exercise activities to enjoy.

Not everyone needs to go to the gym to fulfill their dream of getting fit. As you can see from the advice in the article above, it is easy to design a fitness program from your home that provides great results.

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