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Fitness Advice for Your Golden Years

If you are of an older age and discovering that your muscles and joints just do not have the function, range and ability that they once did, you should know that you can still get your heart pounding and toned muscles. If you want to keep yourself in great shape to have more years in your life, then read on into the following paragraphs for some sound strategies you can use to get and keep moving.

Get a physical or at least check in with your physician before starting a work out regimen. You are not what you used to be, and although exercise might return some of your former glory, you have to be mindful of your current state. Make sure that you have a green light to perform certain activities so that you do not injure yourself and ruin your attempt at a new you from the start.

At your age, you want to use exercise equipment that you know to be safe. Cycling might prove safer for your knees than running, and treadmills might be better on your feet than hard pavement. If you want to bulk or tone up, consider a resistance machine over free weights.

Look for classes that focus on adult fitness. Many gyms or community centers have sessions for your demographic. Once you pass the age of 50, you are going to start getting things in the mail from the AARP. Check out their materials for options.

Certain styles of yoga are great for older adults. While yoga is often viewed as thin young women sweating in heated rooms, there are classes that follow more of what is known as a yin style. Look for classes called restorative, deep stretch or maybe even slow flow.

Swimming is great exercise for anyone, but especially those getting up in years. In the water, there is very little weight bearing pressure on your hips, knees and ankles. Yet, at the same time, you can exercise them. Simply wading around in the shallow end is a great way to build and maintain knee strength. Swimming offers a great workout that tones up and can work your heart safely.

Walking is a great activity for any adult. This basic function is maybe not something your body is used to if you have been sitting at a desk for many years. Walking strengthens and tones muscles from your feet all the way up to your abs and low back. In addition to the great postural benefits, this additional muscle mass keeps both keeps the pressure off your skeleton and joints, but also strengthens those as well. This all adds up to giving you both more years of life and mobility, all in the most basic exercise form of all.

Investigate the choices open to you in regards to better fitness and health. Just a minimal amount of your time and attention can mean additional years of not just mobility, but fun, adventure, passion and looking great. Keep all that you have read here in mind and apply it to your life for many more great years in your future.

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