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Fast Fitness Fixes For Busy People

You may think that you are too busy for fitness, but in reality, taking care of fitness gives you more energy to get things done in your day! Take a moment (if you’ve got one) to look over the following tips that can help you incorporate fitness into your busy schedule!

1. Commit to half an hour of cardio each day of the week. This will help you pack more punch into the time you have to devote to exercise. Cardio works more muscles and really gets the blood flowing, helping you to be more heart healthy while burning away fat that slows you down.

2. Opt for all fresh foods. Processed garbage just weighs you down and actually drains energy, because your body has to work so hard on getting rid of it! Grab a super-fast, mega-healthy apple as a snack and buzz through the rest of your day. Cook extra portions of fresh food for meals and freeze some for fast eating later in the week.

3. Drink water all day long. You know you need it, as busy as you are and water is simply the most beneficial thing for your body. Have a huge glass first thing each morning, as all organs function better when hydrated. Use water to fill up rather than binging and keeping excess pounds off is much simpler.

4. Keep healthy snacks at the ready. In your desk drawers at work, in the glove-box or your purse, wherever you need them. That way, when you are in need of sustenance but don’t have the time, you won’t opt for a fast doughnut in the break room or dangerous drive-thru food on the way to that important board meeting!

5. Brown bag it. Yes, it takes a few minutes each morning to pack your lunch, but it’s in the best interest of your health, which is too important an investment for you to pass up. Slap together a sandwich on whole-grain bread, and drop some fruit and yogurt into the bag for a fast and healthy chow-down between conference calls, presentations and consultations.

6. Switch from coffee to green tea. Packed with beneficial anti-oxidants, green tea is one of the best beverages there are for your system. Although coffee may feel like a much needed pick-me-up, it causes crashes later so sip the green tea and do your body good at while enjoying a quick afternoon break.

7. Multi-task by making household cleaning a workout. Let’s face it, all household chores go better with great music! Pop in a CD and get moving with the vacuum cleaner in a way that works muscles and burns calories. Find ways to stretch further when dusting or mopping that will strengthen your legs, and be sure to enjoy yourself, that gets rid of stress!

8. Get eight hours of sleep every night. That may seem impossible at times, but nothing will slow you down in the day worse than sleep deprivation! It’s also very unhealthy for your body, so make sure your mattress is high-quality and supportive, and that you use it to get plenty of restful sleep.

Once you make the time for fitness, you will wonder how you ever got by without exercise! It gives you energy, works off stress and boosts your self-esteem, all which make you even more capable of meeting the demands of your busy life-style. Make fitness a priority, and schedule it on your to-do list, every day.