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A Fitness Guide For Students In College

College is known for that extra weight that just happens to appear. You don’t want to fall prey to the freshman 15 or 25. Make sure you’re prepared to excel when it comes to fitness and not just your grades. Continue reading for a helpful fitness guide for students entering college.

With college comes exams and many other class projects and homework. It can be quite the stressful time, and that is one reason why people put on weight. You’re out on your own for the first time and taking care of yourself. Instead of eating your way through the stress, get a good workout in the morning before classes. A nice workout can help relieve the stress and start your day off on the right foot.

With college comes plenty of partying and plenty of beer. Regular beer drinking can quickly add on those pounds. Instead of incessantly drinking beer all the time, drink plenty of water. How are you going to do that at parties? That’s the key! Don’t party all the time. Stop drinking so much beer and opt for healthier alternative beverages.

No matter what is going on each day, find time to move around. Studying can find you sitting in one place for long periods of time. While you can’t sacrifice your study habits, you can take control over your free time. Wear a pedometer or something that will help motivate you to get moving.

While many of the classes you will take are academic classes, there are physical fitness classes to take as well. All majors are needed to take a couple fitness classes. Therefore, sign up for two that will get you active and moving. Think of things that you like to do, and get in the action. Perhaps your cup of tea is basketball or racquetball.

Make sure you aren’t skipping breakfast. You also need to make sure it’s a healthy breakfast. You need your brain food, but it’s more than that. Eating breakfast gets you moving, and it jump starts your metabolism and digestive system for the day.

One thing that college students often complain about is the long walks to class. Sometimes, the complaint is merited because there is not much of a time interval in between classes. However, you can do it. When you know you have time, enjoy your walk. When you have extra time, take an extra long walk. If you commute, park further away and take those extra steps. It will definitely help!

Find buddies to work out with or take part in physical activities with. Have you thought about signing up for intramural sports? This is a great way to meet friends and to stay active.

While college is known for gaining pounds, this doesn’t have to be a reality for you. Take the advice you’ve learned here, and make it your lifestyle to stay active and healthy as you set out on your own. It’s yours for the taking; you just have to apply some discipline.

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