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Sticking With Your Fitness Plan While Traveling

For the diehard fitness fanatic, the prospect of hitting the gym while on vacation is a no-brainer. For the rest of us, however, it’s often difficult to find the motivation to keep up with our healthy lifestyle the second we go into vacation mode. No, you don’t have to run a marathon while you’re away from home, but you also shouldn’t neglect your body’s needs entirely. The tips in this article should make maintaining your workout plan simple and painless.

When exercise and fitness are the last things on your mind, you hardly notice whether your hotel offers an on-site gym. If you are truly dedicated, however, you’d do well to pay close attention to this amenity as you make lodging accommodations. Exploring a new city or country takes a great deal of energy, so you might be tempted to skip your morning workout “to spare your energy.” Wrong! A brisk workout will invigorate you and give you a sense of purpose. Even if you hit the gym for only 30 minutes, you will be doing yourself a favor!

Are you staying in a hotel that does not offer a fitness center? Don’t sweat it! You have a few options here: First, you could order a fitness program on demand from room service–usually less than $5. If you travel with a laptop or portable DVD player, you can bring a favorite DVD from home. If your hotel offers complimentary wireless internet and you have a subscription to Netflix, you can save your cash and simply stream a fitness program to your own device. This option is also appealing for those who prefer to work out in more private environments.

If you are somewhat familiar with the city in which you’re staying and know the area to be safe, you can also burn a few hundred calories simply by exploring the streets and shops near your hotel. You’ll save money by skipping the taxi and you’ll find yourself invigorated by the physical activity. This offers more freedom than taking a guided tour on a bus; you can veer off to discover things that look intriguing without worrying about what everyone else wants to do.

A word of warning: Many people go all out on vacation and splurge on every rich, sweet, salty and savory dish that comes their way. While no one expects you to deprive yourself entirely of the local cuisine and the pleasures of a nice meal away from home, exercise restraint. If you eat anything and everything, you’ll likely notice that your energy levels are lower and your credit card balance is higher. Instead of sampling the local fare for every meal, stick with two sensible meals and have fun with the third.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, remember that your goal is to enjoy yourself and be make the most of your trip. If you neglect your health over the course of the trip, you’ll likely discover that it’s even more difficult to get back into the swing of things when you return. Since physical fitness is one of the greatest things you can offer your body, you can imagine just how important it is to be consistent in your efforts. Follow the guidelines from this article and don’t forget to write!