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Avoid Having Your Fitness Projects Derailed By Negativity

You are probably pretty proud of that you’ve begun exercising. As happy as you are to be increasing your fitness level and working on self-improvement, you may be surprised to find that others have negative things to say about your efforts. Oddly enough, this is quite common. Read on to learn how to respond when people criticize your positive efforts.

People may attempt to imply that you are wasting time by exercising. They may make disparaging comments about how it must be nice to have time to kill and so on. When this happens, it is wise to selectively agree by recognizing the person’s intense level of busyness. Having done that, go on to helpfully explained how you were able to carve out a bit of time in your busy schedule to attend to the priority of exercising. Emphasize that this is something anyone could do with just a little thought and effort.

There are those who criticize the expense of fitness activities such as gym memberships, workout clothing and other equipment. When this happens, you should consider the source. If a friend, acquaintance or coworker complains about the cost of your exercise, you can politely tell that person that your expenses are not his or her concern. If the person is your parent or spouse or someone else who is affected by your finances or pays your way, it would be smart and considerate of you to sit down with that person and brainstorm for solutions such as working out at home, cycling, running or jogging or other exercise alternatives that are cheap or free.

People closest to you may point out that your conversation has become monotonous and assert that you have become obsessed with health and fitness. While this is rather harsh criticism, there may be a grain of truth in it. If you do find that you talk about exercise, nutrition and fitness more than anything else, it might be a good idea to make an effort to add other topics to your conversation. Also remember to inquire as to the health, well being and activities of the person you’re speaking with first. Listen carefully, respond appropriately and then talk about fitness, nutrition and exercise! You might also wish to seek out some new friends who share your passion.

Another potentially negative side effect of enthusiasm for exercise is the tendency to become a know-it-all. Unless you are asked, refrain from advising others in regards to health, fitness and nutrition. Even when asked, understand that the vast majority of people would prefer to complain about their lot rather than doing anything about it. If you do give advice, be sure the person you’re speaking with knows that you’re not a personal trainer (unless ,of course, you are). Make it clear that you are simply sharing your own experiences.

Often the people closest to you, such as spouses and children will accuse you of selfishness when you take time to exercise. When this happens, you should let them know that you are indeed exercising for your own benefit and then invite them to join you and reap the benefits for themselves.

It’s exciting to make positive changes in life, and it’s fun to talk about your experiences. Remember that people tend to be jealous and negative and that those closest to you who should be giving you support will probably be the worst! Follow the tips suggested here to keep your cool and avoid being derailed by criticisms from those around you.

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