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Set Yourself Up For Success: A Fitness Strategy

Improving your physical and mental health often go hand in hand: Your mental health may lag as you become increasingly aware of the areas in need of physical improvement. Don’t sulk or self-sympathize! Make a plan of action and kick it into high gear. The following article provides a logical outline of how to set and reach your fitness goals.

1. Set incremental goals that will eventually lead you to your ideal condition. Identify the areas you need to work on, the specific number you want to see when you step on the scale, the exact numbers of push-ups you want to be able to do, and so forth. Each day is a building block toward the ultimate achievement and should be treated as such. Have a good idea of where you want to be, and formulate a solid strategy to get you there.

2. Create a workable schedule. Be realistic about what time of the morning you will really get out of bed and attack a workout program. Consider your various levels of energy throughout the day and week, and designate appropriate times to exercise that you know will flow with the rest of your life. Do not compromise your dedication to health for anything short of a family emergency or national disaster; you know you need to do this.

3. Keep yourself highly motivated. Sure, there are occasions when you would rather watch a movie than work your abs, or order a pizza as opposed to eating a salad with grilled chicken. Everyone faces temptations and tests of will but you need to reach deep and examine the reasons why you committed to your fitness regime to begin with. Setting yourself back repeatedly will undoubtedly be setting yourself up for failure.

4. Exercise with a friend. The two of you can keep each other motivated and on track. On those occasions when you might feel like slacking off or coming up with an excuse to avoid a workout, your fitness buddy can keep you committed, and vice versa. Going through nearly anything is easier when you have someone beside you who understands and sympathizes with the situation. Make sure that whomever you chose is like minded in terms of goals and lifestyle habits.

5. Mix up the routines. Implementing periodic changes in your workout routine should keep them interesting and avoid boredom. Rotating the areas of your body you focus on will also contribute to greater overall fitness and strength. Make certain each program is effective and safe to get into to avoid wasting your valuable exercise time and potential injuries.

6. Find the balance in life that will preserve your state of health. Once you have achieved your wished level of fitness, you need to maintain good habits that will keep you there. If you find yourself putting a few pounds back on, or loosening up in the middle, get yourself back in fitness boot camp.

Fitness carries with it a number of healthy and attractive rewards. All of your hard work, dedication and missed pizza parties will definitely pay off eventually! You will have good reason to be proud and to stay committed to your fitness goals, once you have reached them.

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