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Making Fitness Work: A Guide For Busy Women

The demands of a family and a career often make it difficult for women to find the time to exercise regularly. While many of these individuals want to work out, they just don’t think it is possible for them. This article will share tips and advice that can help busy women get the body that they have always dreamed of.

Examine your schedule and look for times that you may be able to reserve for working out. It is much easier to commit yourself to exercise if you know in advance when you are going to so. Add your work out times to your daily schedule, much like you would pencil in a meeting at work or picking up your child from school. If you do not take this step, it is much easier to simply let the day go by as you tell yourself that you will exercise tomorrow. When the next day arrives, the same thing happens and you never follow through with your good intentions.

Most mothers struggle to find a balance between having some personal time and spending quality time with their children. One of the best ways to make sure that you exercise is by getting your children involved in whatever it is you are doing. Institute a family walk after dinner or have everyone start going on a bike ride together. If one of your children loves soccer and the other loves basketball, carve out a few nights every week where you play their respective sports with each of them. Getting your children involved means that you will have the chance to work out and have fun all at the same time; your kids may even be able to encourage you to get moving on nights that you just feel like sitting on the couch.

Consider getting up early in the morning and going for a jog or hitting the gym. After the day is done, and you are exhausted from work and caring for your home and family, exercising is often the last thing that you want to do. If you make the effort to take care of it first thing, when you feel fresh from the previous night’s sleep, you are much more likely to get your workout in. Early mornings are quiet and peaceful, meaning that you will also have some time to yourself before the chaos of the day begins. Begin by setting your alarm clock just thirty minutes earlier than usual and then go from there.

Do not tell yourself that you are going to work out an hour a day, six days a week. If you can’t follow through with your commitment to yourself, you are likely to get discouraged and quit. Be realistic and understand that you are busy; set a goal for working out that is achievable given your particular life circumstances.

Busy women almost always have trouble finding time in their schedule to work out. However, the advice in this article can help you get back on track with your exercise routine and start feeling good about yourself again.

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