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Five Travel Tips To Keep You Fit On The Road

Five Travel Tips To Keep You Fit On The Road

If you need to travel for work, you may think it’s impossible to keep up with your fitness work out; however, this is not the case! There are many ways to exercise on the road. With just a little ingenuity and a little preparation, you can look forward to an invigorating workout routine at the beginning and/or the end of every business day on the road. Read on to learn five great ways to keep fit while you travel.

1. Locate gyms that have branches in all the areas where you normally travel. There are many good gyms across the nation that have branches in most major cities in every state. A quick online search for “nationwide gyms” or “nationwide fitness” will bring up a number of choices. Compare the services the exercise facilities offer, and be sure to choose one or two that have ample facilities in areas where you normally travel. If you’re unfamiliar with the exercise facilities you find, be sure to check their Better Business Bureau ratings online.

2. Look for hotels/motels that have a fitness center and/or pool on site. As an alternative to gym membership (or in addition to it) be sure to seek out hotels and motels that have fitness facilities available. This can save you money on gym memberships, and it’s very convenient. Many hotels and motels have nice fitness facilities with top of the line equipment, shower facilities, hot tub and pool. Keeping fit on the road can’t get any easier or more enjoyable than this!

3. Pack a few light fitness items and your favorite fitness DVDs. Be well prepared in case of inclement weather or lack of available fitness facilities. Take along a light set of weights, a set of resistance bands and a few of your favorite fitness DVDs. Armed with this simple equipment, you should be able to get a nice workout under any circumstances.

4. Learn yoga, Pilates, and other types of exercise that can be done without equipment. There are many types of exercise that can be done with no equipment at all. Some, such as yoga, are based in stretching and making the most of the body’s own resistance. Others, such as Pilates, are based in use of the body’s own weight to build strength. These are just two of the many choices in types of exercise which need no equipment at all and take up very little space. If you become skilled at one or more of these types of exercise, you’ll be able to work out anywhere at any time.

5. You can walk and run to work out with only a good pair of shoes for equipment. Be sure to see the scenery while you are traveling. Get out for a stroll, brisk walk, jog or run. If you ambulate for exercise, you can do a great deal of enjoyable sightseeing. Stroll through interesting towns, jog in the scenic countryside or take a spin around the local track. No matter which you choose to do, your workout is sure to be enjoyable and affordable.

With all these choices, there is simply no excuse for not exercising while traveling. Just be prepared with your gym membership cards, portable workout equipment, a good pair of shoes and wise hotel/motel reservations, and you may come home more fit than you were when you left! Follow these five tips to travel fit.

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