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Get Fit With Little To No Equipment

Some people think that they can not get fit without using a lot of equipment, or that they have to go to the gym. Quite the opposite is true. There are a lot of different exercises that can be done without using a gym or a lot of equipment. Read the following article to find out some things you can do to get into shape without the use of extra equipment.

One exercise that is great for you is push-ups. Push-ups are great for your upper body. There are many different variations of push-ups you can do to target different areas, or to allow you to work at different levels. Push-ups are fairly easy to do. Lay on the floor on your stomach, put on your hands on the ground right above your shoulders or in other various areas for a different exercise, and then push up your body weight. If you need to, you can do knee push-ups where you push up to your knees instead of your feet. These are easier than traditional push-ups. Try to do three sets of ten to twelve.

Another exercise you can do it sit-ups. Sit-ups are great for your core, your abs and middle area. Like push-ups, there are different variations of sit-ups, making them easier or harder, depending on your fitness level. To do sit-ups, lay down on your back, bend your knees up, put your hands behind your neck, look at the ceiling and sit up. Your hands are not there to help you up, they are there to support your neck. Do three sets of ten to twelve, or more as your fitness level increases.

Squats are great for your legs and your glutes. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, or at other distances apart for a different effect, and squat like you are sitting in a chair. You can go up and down or you can simply hold the squat and go back up, doing either several times. Do three to four sets of ten to twelve.

Running is the perfect cardio exercise. All you need to go out for a run is a place to do it and a pair of comfortable shoes. If you are new to running, start off with a walk, transition to a jog and then you will be ready to run in no time. Depending on your fitness level start with fifteen to thirty minutes and work up to an hour of running.

Jumping jacks are another great cardio exercise. Jumping jacks can be done just about anywhere and are really good for cardio, legs and arms.

Lunges, like squats, are really good for your legs and glutes. To do a lunge you stand tall, take one leg and lunge either forward or backward. Do three sets of ten to twelve on each leg.

These are just a small sampling of exercises that can be done with no equipment. If you do these exercises, as well as others that you enjoy, you will quickly start to see the results you are after.

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