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Get In Shape Today

Many people wish to get into better shape, but usually it does not go much past the thought and maybe a couple weeks of exercise. There are many reasons for this. Maybe it is due to lack of motivation or information, but no matter what the reason, anyone can get into great shape. If you are ready to get into shape, look no further; you can find all the information you need in this helpful article. Add some hard work, motivation, determination and patience to this information, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

First of all, why do you want to get into shape? Do you want to get a healthier body? Do you want to look better? Are you trying to ward off diseases? No matter what the reason, you need to think about what is motivating you to get into better shape.

Next, what kind of exercises do you plan to do? A healthy exercise routine consists of both cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises. Cardio exercises work your heart and your lungs and help burn fat. Any exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated is cardio. There are many different options. You can walk, run, dance, play basketball, use exercise machines or join an aerobic class. Try to do some sort of cardio exercise for at least half an hour, most days of the week. You also need to take part in strength training exercises. These exercises keep your muscles nice and strong. Even if you do not want to build big, huge muscles, you still need to do this type of exercise. Having muscle helps you in your every day life. There are many options for this type of exercise. You can do body weight exercises, use exercise machines or use weights. Try to do this type of exercise at least a few times each week.

Exercise is important for a fit body, but a healthy diet is more important. Cut out fried foods, fatty foods, overly processed foods, white foods and other unhealthy foods. Instead, eat foods that are good for you. Eat lean meats, low fat dairy foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and beans. It is also important that you eat the proper portions of these foods.

Before you begin your journey, take pictures. You may feel uncomfortable doing this, but no one has to see them. Along your journey continue to take pictures. These are helpful in showing you just how far you have come. When you are feeling down or lose motivation, look at your pictures to help remind you that you have made progress.

Getting into great shape takes longer than a day or a week or even a month. You have to give it your all for the rest of your life. Keep going and making smart choices and do not give up.

When it comes to getting fit, anyone can do it. Put yourself to the test and use the information shared in this article. You will find that your body gets fitter each and every day.

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