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Getting Back In Shape With A Baby In Tow

You survived pregnancy and are now happy as a new mom – but, there’s a big chance that you are looking at your body and wondering how you’ll ever get it back in shape again. Pregnancy naturally changes your body shape and there is nothing to be ashamed of. There is likewise no reason to be discouraged. It will take some careful planning to allot the time you need for getting in shape while still caring for your baby, but it can be done. Read on for some ideas on how to incorporate the newest member of your family into your fitness regime.

One of the easiest things you can do to get started on the road to recovering your pre-pregnancy body shape is to, literally, hit the road. Get out there and start walking, or even jogging. That’s not quite so easily done as it was before, when all you had to do is lace up your tennis shoes and walk out the front door. Now you will have to arrange for another member of the family to be there with the baby while you are out, which is not always possible. However, there are also other options, such as purchasing a special stroller designed and built for taking babies or toddlers along on rigorous outdoor exercise. Appropriately named “jogging strollers” or “running strollers,” they typically are much sturdier than standard strollers and have a single wheel in front that is either fixed or has a swivel capacity. Choose fixed if you will be jogging or covering uneven ground, and choose swivel if you will be taking your baby in crowded places where you may need to maneuver more easily.

Another excellent form of exercise to get you back in shape is cycling. Again, this will take more planning than in your pre-baby days, but there are plenty of aids that will get both you and your little one cruising in no time. Make sure that you have a good, sturdy bicycle yourself, and then outfit it with hardware that will allow you to hook up a baby bike trailer. You will need to wait until your child can sit up alone and is capable of safely wearing a helmet. When purchasing baby bike trailers, make sure you get one that has three- or five-point harness seatbelts. In addition, there are models available with ball-and-socket joints that can prevent the trailer from tipping over even if the bicycle does.

On days when getting outdoors is not feasible, set up a dedicated exercise area at home, put on some music and work out right there in the same room as your baby. Keep the music low enough to avoid frightening him or her, but upbeat enough to create fascination. You will want to have as much dedicated time for exercise as you can possible get, so making sure baby is happy will make sure that you too will be happy. There is no reason to give up the things that contribute to your overall health and well being just because you are now the mother of an infant.

If working out on your own at home is too difficult for you to commit to, or even if you miss interaction with other adults when exercising, look for a fitness club that caters to babies. Many clubs will have dedicated facilities for child care. Make sure that they are willing to take infants, and always ask to see childcare certificates or licenses, including infant CPR training. Have a cell phone with you as you work out, and give the number to the childcare worker, as well as pin the number prominently on your child’s clothing. This will give you a sense of peace that you are just steps away from your child if needed, therefore providing you with some much-needed time for yourself.

Use the ideas here to make sure that fitness is not neglected after pregnancy. Both you and your newborn will be happier and healthier with fresh air, sunshine and exercise.