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Getting Fit in Six Steps

Do you want to get in shape? This six step fitness plan is the ideal solution. Read this article and start adopting better habits!

Start by setting goals for yourself. How much weight do you want to lose? Which bad habits do you want to get rid of? How often to you want to exercise? Write down your goals and establish a plan of action. For instance, aim to lose two pounds a week until you reach your ideal weight. Start slowly and make sure you establish realistic goals for yourself. Keep track of your results and ask yourself if you are making enough efforts or if your strategy is adapted if you do not meet your goals.

Do some research about different kinds of fitness exercises. You need to work both on your cardio and your strength. You could go running or swimming to build your resistance and strengthen your heart. If you want to gain muscle mass, lift weights and do sit ups or push ups. For flexibility, join a yoga class. Try new exercises and change your routine regularly. This is a good way to work on different parts of your body and keep things interesting so you do not lose your motivation.

Listen to your body. If you are out of shape, start slowly with a short workout twice a week. As you start losing weight and developing your muscles, add more exercises to your workouts. Always stretch before and after exercising, and take a day off after you work out. If you do not follow this tip, you are taking the risk of injuring yourself. An injury means you need to stop working out for at least a week.

Working out is more efficient if you make healthy food choices. Do not eat more because you exercise; instead, eat three balanced meals a day. Avoid fast food and processed foods, and eat five portions of fruits and vegetables. Proteins, carbs and fats are important in reasonable quantities since they give you the energy you need to work out. Take a multivitamin supplement if you cannot get all the vitamins you need from your food. You should also replace sugary drinks with water.

If you do not reach your goals, consider giving yourself more time. Find out why you failed and learn from your mistakes; perhaps your goals were not realistic, or perhaps other obligations kept you from working out as much as you had planned to. Find a solution and give yourself another month to reach your goal. The next time you establish goals, remember your failures and be more realistic.

When you reach your goals, reward yourself. The reward should be proportional to your goals; do not reward yourself for a workout, reward yourself for losing ten pounds. If possible, do not reward yourself with food. Choose something you really enjoy and will be looking forward to. Why not get new clothes that correspond to your new figure?

Follow these six steps and give yourself enough time to reach your goals. Good luck with your fitness program!

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