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Getting Started With Your Fitness Program

Are you out of shape? You should consider starting a fitness program to lose some weight, tone your muscles and be healthier and more energetic. This article will help you design your own fitness program.

Make some changes to your schedule so you have time to exercise. When you first start your fitness program, you should not exercise for more than thirty minutes twice a week but keep in mind that the duration and frequency of your workout sessions will quickly increase. You might have to give up on a hobby or on spending some time with your friends, unless you can get your friends to work out with you. But you will find that exercising regularly will lower your stress levels and make you feel more energetic, which means you should be able to accomplish more and work more efficiently.

Start with some very simple exercises. If you are out of shape, your priority is to develop your core muscles to lose some weight and build your resistance. Do some abs and different kinds of presses and crunches. Increase the number of reps from one session to the next; this is the best way to keep challenging yourself and develop your muscles. You should start with two sessions a week but try adding a workout session as soon as you are comfortable with your two weekly sessions. You should also make your workouts a little longer by adding more reps.

Once your core muscles are more developed, you can start cardio. Cardio is designed to develop your heart and make you burn a lot of calories. At this stage in your program, you need to have a healthy diet and you should go to your doctor if you have kinds of cardiac problems. Start cardio slowly and find a workout you enjoy; you do not have to go for runs if you do not enjoy it. Try swimming, riding your bike, learning a martial art, doing some aerobics or dancing. Your local gym should offer different classes you can choose from.

Give yourself enough time to meet your goals. You should focus on making your fitness program more challenging from one week to the next by planning on doing more reps, adding a few more exercises or going for a longer run than usual. Do not assume that working out regularly means you should eat more; adopt a healthy diet and eat a fruit or some nuts before you exercise if you need some energy. Working out regularly should not be an excuse to eat large amounts of protein, make some bad nutritional choices and you should not take creatine-based supplements until you reach a certain point in your program where you cannot build any more muscle mass. However, you should be able to keep challenging yourself for a few years by making your exercises more difficult, for instance by carrying some weights while you run or do some abs.

You should be ready to start your fitness program. If you have a hard time designing your program or staying motivated, join a gym so you can take some classes or work with an instructor.

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