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The First Steps Toward A Heathier Lifestyle Through Nutrition

Taking the first steps toward eating healthier, more nutritious meals can seem confusing with all the information coming at you from magazines, television, and advertisements. There are a few simple basics that you can rely on as the basis for creating your new way of eating, taking the stress out of the process. This article outlines the building blocks you can use to help you reach your goal of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Fiber is your friend. Include some fiber in every meal, if possible. While it’s important to keep all elements of your diet in correct proportion, eating enough fiber can help your body ward off diseases and maintain a regular digestive system. When you shop, check the ingredients list for fiber content. Find the types of fiber that you enjoy eating. It can be as simple as adding a favorite fresh herb, such as cilantro, to your sandwich. Adding fresh blackberries to your small dish of ice cream works as well. Fiber can be more interesting than the typical whole wheat bread and oatmeal options. There are many colorful and tasty ways to add this important element to your meals that will make your dishes more tempting and satisfying.

Pay attention to the oils that you add to your dishes. It’s not necessary to eliminate any type of oil, but keep the unhealthy oils to a minimum and maximize the health oils. Reduce your consumption of oils that are high in saturated fats, such as butter and lard. Increase the amount of oils that are low in saturated fats, such as olive oil and sunflower oil. Be creative in changing some of your favorite ways of preparing foods to make this transition. For example, if you are in the habit of frying your eggs in butter, try scrambling them in just a small amount of water. To compensate for the missing butter flavor, brighten them with a fresh tomato salsa or a sprinkle of thyme or parsley. This will give you the added benefit of more fiber.

Keep an eye out for hidden calories. These are ingredients that contain a large amount of calories, without giving you any nutritious value. These show up often in packaged foods, so some of your favorite snacks can pose the biggest threat to your new way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. For instance, the bag of trail mix, which might seem like a healthy choice to snack on every afternoon, probably has a few ingredients with sweetened coatings or even milk chocolate bits. By taking a look at the ingredients list, you can see what the calorie content is, and decide whether you would prefer to have a crunchy chilled sliced cucumber and dill salad to wake up your taste buds.

You can get started on the path toward your new healthy, more nutritious way of eating with the basics you learned in this article. This information is the key to creating a more enjoyable lifestyle, and the basis for changing the way you eat without adding the stress, and ultimately reaching your goal.

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