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Improve Your Fitness And Your Health

Improving your fitness also includes elements that will improve your overall health. If you have avoided exercising for a few years, it can be difficult to get back into a regular routine. Follow these tips to improve your fitness and your health.

The type of exercises you should do depends on what your final goal is. If your goal is weight loss, you should alternate strength training with cardiovascular exercises. You can also use some flexibility and stretching exercises to prepare your muscles for a workout.

To keep you from getting bored with your exercise routine and to prevent your body from getting accustomed to repetitive movements, you need to change the types of exercise you do. Luckily, there is no end to the variety of exercises that are available. You can join a gym to take part in exercise classes, use their weights or find a good trainer. You can also buy exercise equipment and DVD’s to exercise with at home. You can go swimming, ride a bike, jog, hike and walk for effective cardiovascular exercise. You need to get your heart rate up and keep it elevated for 20 to 30 minutes per day, at least three or four times a week.

Although you need to exercise your muscles, avoid pushing them too hard. A build up of lactic acid will create muscle soreness. Some muscle soreness is to be expected but if your muscles get too sore, you may not be able to work out again for a while. In addition, you may not want to work out again if it is too painful. Improving your physical fitness takes time. Do not expect to see results overnight.

Consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet will improve your overall health and give you the energy and nutrition you need to work on your physical fitness. It is also important to remain hydrated. Your diet should consist of lean sources of protein, vegetables, fruit and healthy complex carbohydrates. Keep track of your calories because the most effective weight loss comes from burning more calories than you consume.

Measure your progress by recording your weight and the circumference around your waist, thighs and biceps at the same time every week. Also, pay attention to the way your clothing fits. Several different measurements are needed to accurately track your progress. If you only check your weight, it will probably take longer for you to notice results because you are replacing fat with muscle, which weighs more. Do not get discouraged if it takes a month or longer to see any measurable results. Some bodies are especially resistant to change so just be patient.

Reward yourself for even the smallest improvements. If you start to notice that your clothing is getting loose, celebrate by buying a new dress or a new pair of jeans. If you have been especially effective in maintaining your healthy diet, skip one of your tough workouts in favor of a more relaxing yoga class.

You can improve your fitness routine regardless of your age or time limitations. It can be hard to get back into a regular routine but following the tips in this article can help you get started.