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Separating Ideas of Diet and Exercise for Improved Fitness Success

Separating Ideas of Diet and Exercise for Improved Fitness Success

Most fitness advice drifts into diet advice making a double mandate for your life of managing diet and exercise. Use the suggestions below to separate diet from fitness to maximize the effectiveness of your fitness routine.

Changing everything at once can be an overwhelming task so focus on incorporating exercise into your life without adding on tangential goals of cutting out all sweets or carbs or becoming vegan.

If you’re well enough to exercise address things you’d like to do as part of your fitness goals whether it’s building stamina or speed or strength. Determine which exercises you’d like to do to achieve these goals.

Learn how to perform the exercises that promote your specific goals and try doing them when you workout. If you go to a gym you can try out many different exercises in a single visit.

Introduce time expectations for yourself based on current guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommend 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week in addition to muscle strengthening exercises two days a week.

Include fitness goals other than increasing the amount of time you exercise such as increasing intensity of your exercise and incorporating new exercises such as stretching to support your goals.

Look for improvements in how you feel and how your body functions as a result of your exercise instead of trying to scientifically determine whether your exercise routine is working. Pay attention to improvements in your stamina or in how you feel or in your ability to sleep instead of looking for scientific measurements such as your heart rate to keep yourself motivated to exercise.

Ask for help if you need it from a trusted resource about how to do a certain exercise. It’s also a good idea to hire a trainer if you can afford to to learn how to safely and effectively perform specific exercises.

The only diet rule you should pay attention to regarding exercise that is directly related to your fitness routine is to remain hydrated if you are otherwise healthy.

If you believe you’re injured visit a healthcare professional to find out how to treat your injury rather than assuming you have to stop exercising or that you can no longer do a certain exercise. Getting out of the habit of exercising is frequently easier than sustaining a habit of exercising so that you’ll want to quickly address whether you need to stop exercising or change your exercise routine because of an injury based on an expert’s assessment.

Don’t consider household chores as exercise so that you don’t kid yourself into believing you’re exercising for five hours a day. While chores can burn calories they rarely reach the level of exercise that is beneficial either for strength-building or cardio.

Separate out your fitness goals from your diet goals to increase your success at incorporating fitness into your life. You will be glad you did. Use the suggestions above to maintain a focus on exercise.

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