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Improving Your Health with Proper Nutrition

People who enjoy healthier lifestyles and carry out proper nutrition feel better, look better, and ultimately live longer, happier lives. If you’re thinking about walking the path of proper nutrition, here are some answers to some common questions about the genre.

This is a common question about a complicated subject that’s ironically quite easy to explain. Simple sugars, like cane and corn sugar, along with processed starch, do not contain a complex enough structure to last when ingested. The body’s enzymes immediately break down simple sugars and starches, causing a huge spike in blood sugar but a quick crash. A complex carbohydrate, like whole wheat, takes longer to break down and will evenly disburse the sugar.

Fruit juice isn’t a proper substitute for two reasons. One, you’re more than likely to buy something from concentrate that doesn’t even contain 100% fruit juice. Two, you’re not getting the fiber from the pulp when you drink only fruit juice and forgo the whole fruit.

Your body does not need a lot of fat-soluble vitamins, and since it doesn’t need them, it doesn’t break them down and instead stores them in the liver. An excess store of these vitamins can cause health complications, so make sure to never exceed the recommended dosage.

Lowering your sodium intake is as simple as paying attention to what you’re eating. For food you’re making yourself, try going with a salt substitute. You’ll get the flavor but not the sodium. For foods you’re eating that are already prepared, always check out the nutritional information and opt for low-sodium foods.

If you’re eating a normal diet, you’ll never go longer between meals than from the time you eat dinner until the time you eat breakfast. You’re sleeping between, so those 8 hours, plus the few before you slept, plus the time after you wake up — all together, you’re looking at 12 hours or so of no food. The body needs its energy in the morning to give you the energy you need for your day.

When you eat 4 to 6 smaller meals, you’ll actually end up eating less than 3 larger meals. So it’s a lot healthier. And your body actually thinks it’s eating more. Your body will be busy constantly breaking down food, so you won’t be hungry, you won’t be bereft of energy, and you won’t be storing any calories as fat.

All fruits and vegetables contain fiber in some amount. You can also find it in some protein-rich food items like beans and legumes. Fiber is so important for your body because it aids in the digestion and the passing of your food. It’s also a very filling substance. Eating items high in fiber will fill you up quicker and for longer.

Mono and polyunsaturated fats are the healthiest fats for you. These fats can be found in oily fish, nuts and seeds, olives, grapes, and a slew of other items. These healthy fats can help to lower cholesterol and also aid in the burning of body fat.

Proper nutrition is a must if you’re expecting to lead an active and healthy life. Take heed of these questions and answers if you want a guide to walk you through proper nutrition.