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Six Tips To Increase Your Muscle Mass

Having strong muscles is something most of us wish. One of the most important components of overall fitness is having healthy, strong muscles. This article will help you get started on the way to developing a muscular body.

During your workouts, make sure to incorporate machines with free weights. Many exercise enthusiasts say they favor machines because they don’t have to be changing plates or putting back dumbbells after a particular exercise. While it is true exercise machines offer convenience, there are benefits offered by free weights. When you exercise with either a barbell or a dumbbell your body uses, not only the targeted muscles, but also stabilizing muscles. For example, if your are squatting with a barbell you are working out your thighs, hamstrings and glutes. However, these are not the only muscles being used, since the stabilizer muscle like your abdominal and lower back muscles also come into play to stabilize your upper body.

Research has shown testosterone levels drop off after weight training over one hour. For this reason, you should keep your workout length under an hour duration. This has the added benefit of not exhausting you so much you will not be able to go to the gym the next day.

Whenever you exercise vigorously, it is recommended you increase your water intake. More water will help keep you hydrated and help your body wash away toxins and waste products. For exercise enthusiasts, this should not be an issue due to the fact hard exercise makes you thirstier anyway.

It is important to remember not to take pills immediately after a workout. As you probably realize, your muscles are engorged with blood following your workout and much of that blood has been diverted from other areas not in use. This leaves your stomach in a very inefficient state. As a result, digestion is very poor during this time and anything ingested might cause nausea or stomach cramps. It is usually recommended to wait thirty minutes after exercise before taking any pills.

There is a window of opportunity following your workout, when the muscles are starved for carbohydrates. Many bodybuilders will eat a carbohydrate rich meal thirty minutes after a workout. The theory is your muscles will absorb the carbohydrates quickly and to a larger extent than any other time period.

If you feel sluggish while working out, a good strategy might be to increase the pace of your workout. If you have not been timing the rest between sets, now is a good time to do so. Make sure you only rest one minute between sets and two minutes between exercises. This will provide new intensity to your workout and have the added result of more cardiovascular benefit, since your heart rate will remain elevated from the short rest period in between sets.

By following the information in this article and learning as much as you can about muscle building, you will realize it does not have to be as difficult as it seems. Keep yourself motivated by having short and long term goals and you to can have a strong, muscular body.

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