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Tips On Keeping Fit While On A Budget

Many people hold the stereotype that if you are poor, you have to be fat. That is not necessarily true. Sure, you might not have the money to join an expensive gym and buy a lot of exercise equipment, much less trendy exercise apparel. But, you do not need any of that to get into great shape. There are many ways to stay in shape, even if you are on a tight budget.

Do you want to join a gym? Many of the bigger, franchise gyms are more expensive than the small gyms. You will find that many of your small, hometown gyms are a lot more affordable. They may even be willing to work out a deal with you. Just talk to them and see what kind of offers they have.

If you are interested in building your own weight set, that is something that you can do on a budget. When you have the money, buy the smallest set that you need. Then, continue to buy bigger sets as your budget allows. Before long, you will have all the weights that you need. If you want other types of exercise equipment, buy it this same way, in increments.

Running is a great exercise you can do with nothing but a pair of tennis shoes. Also, you can do it just about anywhere. If you are new to running, start out slow by walking a few minutes and then jogging a minute or two. Gradually build up the time that you are running and lowering the time that you are walking, and you will be running the entire time. Aim to run about three or four days a week for half an hour to an hour each time.

Yoga is another effective exercise you can do with no equipment. You don’t even need a yoga mat, you can use a towel instead. If you do not know any yoga poses, you can check out a book or DVD at your local library. You can also look online and learn about the different poses you can do and the specific body parts they are good for. If you have a smart phone, there are several cheap or affordable apps that are very helpful.

Do you like being in the great outdoors? If so, there are quite a few different exercise options for you. Rock climbing is a fun and adventurous exercise that you might enjoy. You might even consider hiking through different state parks in your area. Is biking more your thing? Cycling is a terrific exercise. When you are outside, there are so many different options to get some exercise.

Exercise videos are another options. Most of these are affordable and there are so many different options. You can also look at your local public library, as they tend to have them.

Staying fit on a budget may seem close to impossible, but with some planning and creativity, you should have no problem. Use the tips in this article and you can get in shape and stay that way, all while staying on budget.

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