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Build Large Muscles in Your Upper Body

A lot of men want that lean, muscular look that comes from a huge upper body, six pack abdominal muscles and a small waist. In order to build large upper body muscles, you must concentrate on specific muscle groups, use proper form and eat plenty of calories. Apply these basic tricks for massive upper body muscles.

Your biceps and triceps are small muscle groups that do not need excessive training. You must give these muscle groups time to rest because muscles develop while you they are at rest. Over-training will impede maximum muscle growth. Focus on building your upper body strength once or twice a week. You must also get an adequate amount of sleep each night.

The intensity of your workouts should be extremely high. Make sure to use the heaviest weights possible for two to three sets of six to ten repetitions per exercise. Do a total of five to ten sets for all exercises that target a specific muscle group. Develop several types of exercises for each muscle group to keep your workouts interesting and to prevent your muscles from becoming bored.

You really only need to train your muscles for about 15 to 20 minutes per session. Keeping each session short and focusing your training session on one muscle group at a time will help prevent you from exhausting all your energy. You should be able to do six to ten repetitions of the weight you are using. If you can do 15 or 20 repetitions, you are not using enough weight. Lifting the heaviest weights possible in limited repetitions for five to ten sets will lead to maximum muscles growth. Keep all time in the gym to a minimum and target one section of the body each time you train. Separate arm training by four or seven days depending on whether you work these muscles once or twice per week.

When you work with small muscle groups, proper form, good body position and the right technique become extremely important. Carefully control your movements so that your muscles do the work. It can be easy to swing the weights around and allow momentum to do most of the work but this will not help you build muscle. Bad form is probably the biggest mistake that keeps people from getting the wished results.

Increase your protein intake as well as total calories. The amino acids in protein are the basic building blocks of all body cell. A diet high in protein will help your muscle tissue repair and rebuild for maximum growth. Try to eat six healthy meals spaced evenly throughout the day. You should be eating every two or three hours. You can use meal replacement supplements but try to get most of your nutrition from the food you consume. Make sure to drink plenty of water too.

A little discipline and hard work will lead to the upper body strength you have always wanted. Avoid overworking your small muscle groups and be mindful of your form while lifting. Improve your nutrition while adding protein and calories for optimum results.

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