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Make Everywhere You Go a Workout Spot

There’s no reason to think that your workouts must always take place in a gym or that you can’t get your muscles in better shape without expensive fitness equipment. A lot of people are under that impression, but don’t limit yourself. The tips and suggestions in this article will help you begin to realize that everywhere you go, you can do exercises to help you stay in shape.

Leverage your own body weight to work your muscles. You don’t need to have free weights or resistance equipment to get in shape. Using the same concept as push ups, which is an exercise using only your body weight, you can firm your legs while sitting at your desk by pushing with your leg muscles as if you’re going to get up from the chair. Try not to lean on the chair arms, only using your leg muscles to do the work. Once your hips are barely lifted off the chair, hold that position for the count of five. Relax back down, then repeat lifting up as before. Do several repetitions of this exercise a few times during your day. As you go through your everyday routine, look for other ways that you can use your body weight to give your muscles a workout.

Exercising while you’re traveling can have a dual benefit. Not only will your muscles get in better shape, you will enjoy your trip more by releasing stress and rejuvenating your energy level. In a hotel room, you can do leg lifts by holding the back of a desk chair for balance and extending first one leg then the other several times to the front, side and back. For a good stretching exercise, hold each end of a towel lengthwise between your hands, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and keeping the towel taut between your hands and your arms extended at waist level, gradually turn as far as you can to the left then to the right. Repeat this a few times and feel the stretch through your whole body.

The time you spend behind the wheel while commuting or running errands is a great chance to give your muscles a workout. Help make the time you’re waiting for a red light change seem less lengthy by pressing your legs together then quickly releasing, and repeating that sequence rapidly. Another tip is to strengthen the muscles in your hands, wrists and forearms by tightening your grip on the steering wheel as you’re going down the road, again alternating a tight grip with a release. The next time you need to open a tight lid on a jar of pickles, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is after doing this exercise for a while.

You can see from these ideas that you have many chances throughout your usual daily routine to tone and stretch your muscles and help keep your whole body in shape. Use the tips in this article to help you discover ways to transform everywhere you go into an opportunity to workout. Remember, you don’t need a gym or exercise equipment to do it!

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