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Muscle Building: Beyond Weights

Lifting weights is a great way to bulk up and build muscle; everyone knows that. But if you want to get the most out of your workouts, you need to concentrate on other things too. Here are some smart tips to help you build muscle that go beyond lifting weights.

1. Eat more. This can seem counter-intuitive, since you do not want to get fat while you are trying to bulk up your muscles. However, the truth is that when you lift weights and do strength training, you expend a lot of energy. Your body needs more energy to function, and where does your body get more energy? That’s right, from the foods you eat. Make sure you don’t abandon carbs, because glucose is the body’s primary source of energy. If you skip the carbs, your body will want to burn fat. If your body fat percentage is low, your body will then try to take energy from your muscles. So eat more and be conscious of what you’re eating.

2. Don’t forget to stretch. Use your time in the gym for more than weight work. Keep in mind how important flexibility is. If you make your body looser by stretching, you will be able to handle longer periods of lifting. Take it slowly and don’t treat stretching like lifting weights; respect your body enough to take your time and properly stretch out.

3. Switch up your workouts and daily routines often. Very quickly, you can fall into a rut and lose your motivation. One great thing for bring your motivation back is to change your routine around. Do less repetitions, work on different muscle groups, try working outside or early in the morning. Change things around until they feel natural to you.

4. Take advantage of the body’s ability to sleep. There’s a reason we all do that, and it can be hard to sleep when you have so much life happening, but it cannot be skipped. After all, sleep is when your body helps heal itself from your grueling workouts. If you don’t get the proper sleep, you are more likely to want to work out less and not be able to lift as much.

5. Set goals for your self. Goals are important because they give you something to aim for. They are important because they concentrate your focus on success. When your body starts to ache, you can remember that you are shooting for something.

6. Get a trainer. A trainer can give you support and training to help you get that body you want much sooner. There is no reason for you to flounder alone and do things you think might be right. Get a trainer and let him help you create a plan that will do what you need it to do.

Incorporate these tips into your life so you can pack muscle on. Of course strength training and lifting weights is important, but you have to take the solid advice in this article so you can make muscles happen that much sooner.