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Muscle Mass Made Simple

Increasing muscle mass needs an increase in protein consumption and overall calories. Weight lifting alone will help build some muscle, but you need to follow a few simple tips to really increase your muscle mass.

While trying to build muscle mass, you must increase the amount of calories you consume. Building, repairing and rebuilding muscle need a high consumption of protein. The amino acids in protein are the building blocks for muscle tissue. Your diet should also include a large amount of fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, water and whole grain foods. Consuming a healthy diet is the best way to get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals but you may need to supplement your diet with high-protein drinks. Try to eat six meals per day, spaced evenly so that you are eating every three hours.

Cardiovascular exercises will burn the extra calories you are consuming in an attempt to build muscle mass. Many weight lifters find it difficult to consume the additional calories necessary to build muscle. Adding in fat and calorie burning cardio workouts will only increase the amount of calories you need to consume.

It is important to stretch each of your muscle groups before and after lifting weights. This will warm up the muscles and loosen up ligaments to prevent injuries. Pulled muscles and strained ligaments are painful and may take quite a while to heal, during which time you will not be able to increase your muscle mass.

Your body position is extremely important when you are lifting weights. You need to avoid swinging weights around and allowing momentum to do most of the work. Controlling your movements make sures that your muscles are doing all the work. It is important to perfect your posture before lifting your weights. Bad posture and improper techniques can also lead to unnecessary injuries. If you have someone to spot you, have that person assist you with your body position as well. This can help you improve your form and build muscle mass more effectively.

You should have several different exercises to target each muscle group. This will prevent you from getting bored with your workouts. More importantly, it will keep your muscles from becoming accustomed to the exercise and refusing to add mass. Anyone who begins an exercise routine eventually hits a plateau so do not worry too much about it. Just make changes to your workouts and make sure you separate your workouts so that you are targeting different muscle groups each day you train.

In order for your muscles to develop properly, you need to allow them to rest. You also need to get enough sleep every night. During intense workouts, you stretch and tear the tissues that make up your muscles. They repair themselves and rebuild while your body is at rest.

Building muscle needs a targeted exercise routine, adequate rest and a high-protein, high-calorie diet. It will not happen overnight but you can increase your muscle mass with these simple tips and a lot of hard work.

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