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Myths About The Fitness Of Seniors

When anyone reaches their senior years, they are sometimes viewed as unable to exercise much anymore. This is not necessarily true and many seniors are very active long after they reach retirement age. This article discusses ways for active people to stay fit well into their senior years.

Anyone who reaches the age of retirement is well aware of the difficulties that advancing age bring on. There are sometimes issues with too much weight, arthritis can become a problem, and there is a definite lack of energy. There is a temptation to just find a rocking chair and relax, but that is not the best idea. Seniors can be physically active and fit, sometimes more so than their younger counterparts. The important thing is to maintain the same level of activity that they are used to, in spite of the aches and pains that are sure to follow.

It is true that as people age, they do need more rest than in their younger years. This does not mean that they cannot engage in the same activities they are used to, and they should not reduce their level of activity just because they are a year older. Inactivity is actually much more of a danger than continuing their usual level of exercise. After retirement, seniors have more time for themselves and can enjoy many different activities that they may not have had time for previously.

There are many exercises that an older person can do that are not dangerous for them. Swimming is a great form of exercise, and there are water exercise classes at many YMCA facilities. The Y also offers the Silver Sneakers program, created especially for seniors. Some insurance companies offer a free membership to this program as an incentive to keep seniors moving and healthy.

If a person has reached retirement age without ever engaging in any sort of exercise, they are most likely in poor physical condition. This is not to say they should not begin exercising now that they are retired, but they should start very slowly. Joining an exercise class for seniors at the gym is a very good place to start, because the instructor can guide them in choosing the best exercises for their condition.

People who are disabled and possibly confined to a wheelchair most of the time will have the hardest time getting and staying fit. If they have the ability to swim, this may be the best type of exercise for them since the water supports their body to some degree. A disabled person should never get in the water without someone there to help them if they need it.

Getting old is difficult because of the decreased ability of the body to perform well. It does not mean the end of the line for those who are willing to work at staying fit. Many seniors stay very active into old age, and their activity can slow the aging process considerably.

Being physically fit is usually the result of living a healthy, active life. This does not need to end when a person gets older. Maintaining fitness may be more difficult, but not impossible. Use the tips in this article help yourself stay as strong and healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

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