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Solutions to Having No Time for Exercise

Once you’ve begun your exercise routine you’ll notice that it takes a minimum of two-and-a-half hours a week. Perhaps even more if your goals include exceeding the minimum amount of exercise recommended. Use the following tips to solving the time crunch when you want to fit exercise into your life.

Your busy schedule leaves you limited time so use exercise as your time to relax. Instead of watching television at home go to a gym and watch television while you’re on an exercise bike, elliptical or treadmill.

If you’re running out of energy by the end of the day shift your exercise time to the morning when you’ve got more energy. Waking up a half-hour earlier on weekdays to exercise can be a great way to start your day off and reduce rushing to get things done before you leave in the morning.

Take a break from your phone and choose a predetermined time of day for turning your phone off or screening calls and use the time that you are not on the phone answering calls for exercising.

On weekends always shower after exercise so that you don’t end up showering twice a day, once in the morning and once after exercising. This will encourage you to exercise in the morning so that you can get dressed and start the rest of your day.

If your home is several minutes or more away from the gym you belong to choose two days a week to run or walk or ride a bike outdoors for the same amount of time you usually devote to your workouts so that you save commuting times on those days. Also consider a gym membership to a gym that is closer to your home.

Don’t spend time deciding whether you feel like exercising but instead commit to exercising each day to save time that you spend doing inefficient work while you consider whether you’ll be working out on a specific day.

Choose to include several quick dinners in your menu such as scrambled eggs, rice and beans or salads with cold chicken sliced into them that need minimal time to prepare and use your found time for exercise.

If you have cleaning to do or bills to pay or emails to read do them while you’re doing a load of laundry. Finish the load of laundry from start to finish including putting your clothing away and after the hour-and-a-half or so you’ll have completed at least two tasks instead of one and you’ll have time to exercise.

Don’t plan on having fast food for dinner because by the time you travel to the food vendor and buy the food, you’ll have added a half-hour onto your meal time during which you’re not eating and during which you could instead have prepared a quick meal and enjoyed your family’s company for the 30 minutes you spent getting “fast” food.

Once you begin training your mind to think of ways to save time you’ll find that fitting a few hours or several hours of exercise into your busy routine is really not a difficult thing to accomplish. Use your own organizational skills and the tips above to make time for exercise.

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