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Great Nutrition Tips For Senior Citizens

Eating well is very important for people of all ages, but that is particularly true of seniors. Having good nutrition can help lower he risk of being afflicted with certain illnesses, including Type-2 diabetes and heart disease. Read the following article to learn some tips on how to stay healthy and fit as you move into your golden years!

Always make sure that you have breakfast. Skipping breakfast can throw your entire nutritional balance out of whack. You want to do your best to eat at regularly scheduled intervals. If you find that you are not that hungry when it is time for breakfast, you can always have something small like a yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Eat a lot of food that are high in fiber. These are great for two different reasons. The first is that it will help to keep your bowel movements regular. The other is that eating fiber helps your body feel full for a long time. This means that you can have a meal that contains fiber and not have to worry about eating again for quite some time.

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects many seniors, particularly women, and you do not want to take the chance that you will one of the unfortunate ones. You should do your best to have a minimum of three servings of dairy every day. If drinking milk by the glass is not your thing you can try consuming other things, like ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese.

Drinking water is something that is quite necessary for everyone. It helps the kidneys flush out the system, which means you will not have toxins overrunning your system. Having water is also good because it will keep you hydrated. Make sure to drink at least eight cups of water every day.

Take a calcium supplement if you feel like you are not getting enough of it from the foods you eat. A lot of people find it difficult to get enough calcium in their diets, so it is imperative that you take a supplement to make up for the lack of it. If you fail to do that, you may end up with brittle bones that can be broken very easily.

Eating fruits and vegetables should be like second nature to you, since they are a huge part of what will keep you healthy. Eat at least five servings of them every day. If you are not a big fan, you can find creative ways to get them in your diet. For example, you can add pureed banana to bread recipes. You will barely be able to taste it, but you will still get all the health benefits of it.

By eating healthy foods, you will give your body all the necessary fuel for leading an active life. The information you were given here should help you come up with a nutrition plan that will keep you healthy for a lot longer.