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Helpful Nutrition Tips for Chemo Patients

While having to undergo chemotherapy is a necessary treatment for a lot of different types of cancer, it can do a lot of things to your system that you may not be prepared for. A lot of times the sense of taste and the appetite is affected, which means that you do not get the proper nutrition. Here are several ways to make sure that you get the best nourishment while you undergo chemo.

Many people who have undergone chemotherapy have reported that eating meat is not something that works for them. They say that the taste of it is offensive so they tend to avoid it. If you find that meat is difficult for you to eat, you need to make sure that you still get protein into your diet, Replace the meat you are not eating with fish, eggs and/or beans.

Constipation is a problem that affects most chemo patients. This only helps make you more uncomfortable than you already are. Eating food that are high in fiber will help you stay regular. Foods that are high in fiber include oatmeal, whole grain bread and cereals. Adding these to your diet should eliminate any constipation issues.

A lot of patients have issues with drinking water, but it is not wise to stop drinking it altogether. The main complaint is that water tastes very unappealing, so you should try to do things to make it taste better. Adding some fresh fruit to your water should make it easier for you to drink it.

Loss of appetite is another issue that many chemotherapy patients face. Since you may get full very early on, it would be best if you tried to eat plenty of carbs. This is a good idea because it will help you keep your weight on. Pick carbs that are high in fats so that you will not experience too much weight loss.

If you notice that you have diarrhea often you should avoid eating anything that is very greasy and/or contains sugar. These things will only make your condition worse. Try eating baked foods more often and eat sugar free foods if you need something that is sweet.

It is wise for you to break up your meals into several small ones instead of trying to eat a large meal all at one time. This is particularly good since you will not feel the burden of having to eat so much. You can nibble on small meals throughout the day so that you will get all the nutrition you need without feeling overwhelmed.

Do not drink alcohol if you are on chemo. The reason you should avoid alcohol is because it can actually help to make the symptoms worse than they already are. It is very common for alcohol to create or worsen sores in or on the mouth area.

Remaining healthy and strong while undergoing chemo is essential. The side effects will make eating pretty difficult, but the tips here should help you get through it the best that you can.

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