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Get a Physically Fit Body — Five Simple Tips

There’s no way around it — if you want a fit body, you have to stay dedicated. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegan and put a Stairmaster in your living room, but it does mean that you have to commit to stable routines of exercise and diet that may represent major changes in your lifestyle. The rewards of making and keeping this routine, though, will be lifelong.

Consistency is something you make yourself do regularly. An exercise journal is one way to make yourself build a habit of exercise. Writing down what you do each day, including the specific exercise, the time you spent, how you felt, what you ate, and so on, will give you a record of what you’re doing — and help you track growth. If you can see results, you’re more likely to stick with a program. A journal is a good way to build in encouragement for yourself.

Choose a variety of routines so that you do not get bored — and your body does not hit a “results plateau.” What’s your goal? A 5K race? To lose 20 pounds? To bench press 200 pounds? Choose a set of routines that will help you meet your goal. Work in cross-training routines as well to keep your body guessing.

If you have an exercise buddy, you have accountability. You’re more likely to get up at 5:00 AM and work out if there is someone meeting you there. Also, you’re helping your buddy stay focused, so you have some positive motivation keeping you going as well. Working out is hard on you — and you will occasionally want to stay in bed. Fight that impulse with a friend.

Set some intermediate goals. If you want to lose 20 pounds, give yourself some rewards (but not food!) every time you hit 5 more pounds lost. If you want to run a marathon, shoot for a 5K first, then a 10K, and so on. Build up intermediate results. Also, join clubs that have people who are doing your exercise, so that you’ll have emotional support from others.

Fitness professionals will help you make decisions about the best exercises, the best apparel, the right shoes, and injury recovery — and a million other things. You are treating your body like a machine when you work out, and machines need repair personnel. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to help yourself — and others who are newer to the game than you are.

It’s not easy to build a physically fit body. If it were easy, more people would have fit bodies, and you wouldn’t see all those commercials on late night television for workout programs, treadmills, ab crunch machines, energy supplements, and other things to fight fat at every turn. The good news is that, with hard work and dedication, you can build a physically fit body. Use the tips in this article as a starting point to get you on the road to fitness.

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