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Post-Pregnancy – The First Workout

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! You have likely spent the final 90 days or so of your pregnancy counting down to when you could reclaim the body you once had. Now that you have had your baby, you are likely biting at the bit waiting for the right time to begin working out to get your body back to the shape it was prior to your pregnancy. Below, you will find some tips as to the best ways to go about getting to work reclaiming your body once again.

Do not rush home from the hospital and begin working out. You must be sure to give your body the time it needs to recover from the stress it just went through giving birth. Your doctor will be able to tell you when a safe time to start doing exercises would be. Most likely, if you give it a week, you can begin slow with easy walking. You do not want to rush into physical activity that will slow your progress.

If you had difficulties in your pregnancy and delivery, your doctor may recommend that you wait six weeks before you start working out. Most commonly though, you can begin as soon as your body feels that it is up to it.

You do not want to begin doing crunches and ab exercises for the first six weeks. Your abdominal muscles have just been through quite a bit and will need some time to heal. If you begin working them too soon, you could actually cause damage to them and cause your doctor to direct you to avoid doing any exercises for quite some time. Sure, you want to get your abs back, but do not rush it.

After a couple weeks, you will be able to get in some daily aerobic exercises. You may feel uncomfortable when you first begin with them, but know that they will get easier with time. If you experience pain and not discomfort, stop what you are doing and contact your doctor before proceeding.

Light strength training can be started a week or so after you have given birth. Do not get too crazy with it. Limit your weights to no more than 5 pounds to be sure you do not cause any tears in your muscles. Keep your reps low and work your way up to the weight and reps you did prior to pregnancy slowly.

Kegel exercises can be performed immediately after having your baby. It is in your best interest to be doing these exercises during your pregnancy, so your body has adapted to you doing them regularly. If you feel pain when doing them, talk with your doctor to be sure you are healing properly.

After six weeks have gone by, Pilates may be a great way to begin getting your body back. The exercises involved are slow paced and will help sculpt your body without requiring you to bounce around a lot. It can help you relax and get fit.

These tips can assist you in reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body. Take it slow and know that it will take some time, but you can do it if you stay motivated.

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